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"Networking" is designing the communication networks of tomorrow. These networks carry voice, video, images, and other data.

Computer Networking and Telecommunications focuses on networks and related tools such as switches, routers, servers, firewalls and intrusion detection devices. Graduates may work in engineering, design, support, managerial, sales, consulting or regulatory positions.

The CNT program produces network professionals with extensive networking expertise and depth, unlike other IT programs that may only require a basic knowledge in networking. Students that enter the CNT program at Fort Hays State University have the opportunity to enter with a few computer skills and depart with a very competitive resume. Computer Networking and Telecommunications prepares graduates for what USA Today describes as the "Top Job" in America. Computer Networking is projected to be one of the fastest and best-compensated job fields in projections that stretch more than a decade, and these jobs cannot be outsourced overseas due to security concerns.

The program offers a Bachelor of Science (or Arts) in Information Networking and Telecommunications with a Concentration in Computer Networking and Telecommunications, a Bachelor of General Studies degree in Information Networking, a Master of Liberal Studies in Information Networking and Telecommunications, and several certificate programs.

These are a few reasons students have elected to study Computer Networking and Telecommunications at FHSU:

  • Students have extensive hands-on experiences, small class sizes, and access to faculty.
  • 100% of FHSU networking classes are taught by faculty, not graduate assistants.
  • Graduates have nearly 100% career field placement.
  • Significant industry relationships that create unique internship and career opportunities.
  • FHSU offers a world-class laboratory and computing environment supported by leading companies such as Cisco, Oracle, Juniper, Nortel and Nex-Tech.

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