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About Media Studies

Media Studies students develop valuable traditional radio and television broadcasting skills along with cutting edge technology and media production skills.

Media Studies students may begin studio work as a freshman utilizing a professional-quality, three-set studio! Students interested in production have unique opportunities in new media and animation, including motion picture production. FHSU is a national leader in the application of new media.

The program offers a Bachelor of Science (or Arts) in Information Networking and Telecommunications with a Concentration in Media Studies, a Master of Liberal Studies with a Concentration in Media Studies, and a Master of Science in Communication Studies with a Concentration in Media Studies.

These are a few reasons students have elected to study Media Studies at FHSU:

  • Students have extensive hands-on experiences and begin studio work as freshmen.
  • FHSU offers small class sizes and access to faculty.
  • Award-winning faculty have years of industry experience.
  • Significant industry relationships provide unique career and internship opportunities.
  • KFHS Television reaches over 50 communities in Kansas - students' work has a significant audience!
  • KFHS Radio was one of the first university stations to stream over the Internet and can be listened to world-wide!
  • Students win significant awards from a variety of organizations for their work.