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About Management Information Systems

"Using Technology to Solve Business Problems and to Create Competitive Advantages."

The Management Information Systems (formerly Computer Information Systems) Program at Fort Hays State University has a proud history of producing successful graduates.

The program offers a Bachelors of Business Administration (MIS BBA), a concentration in the Bachelors of General Studies, and graduate level concentrations in the Masters of Business Administration and the Masters of Liberal Studies.

Management Information Systems in a business discipline involving software development and computer systems integration in support of business functions as processes.

A student will learn about computer hardware, software, networks, and security as well as developing a base of business skills.

These are a few reasons students have elected to study Management Information Systems at Fort Hays State University:

  • Management Information Systems graduates are in significant demand. Recent graduation placement rates have been at or near 100%.
  • Management Information Systems salaries are very competitive. Top graduates may earn $50,000-$70,000 a year or more.
  • FHSU MIS students are taught by full-time faculty.
  • FHSU MIS classes emphasize "hand's on" learning, small class sizes, and access to faculty.
  • FHSU MIS facilities and equipment are second to none.
  • FHSU MIS alumni have an outstanding track record and are noted for their work ethic and openness to learn.
  • MIS graduates are business professionals with IT skills.
  • FHSU has industry relationships creating unique internship and career opportunities.
  • FHSU offers courses offering knowledge in many company's software, including those listed below!