Certificate in Business Information Systems


In today's technologically advanced business environment, employees must have knowledge of the computing and allied technologies used in business operations, communications and education. The Business Information Systems certificate provides individuals who do not hold or who are not seeking an information systems degree with a greater understanding of information systems. This certificate is designed to help you incorporate information technology into your current position, to oversee the information technology function in your area, and to collaborate with the information systems function to identify and leverage opportunities for greater productivity and efficiency.


  • MIS 304 Management Information Systems
  • MIS 315 Enterprise Resource Planning
  • MIS 330 Business Intelligence
  • MIS 602 Information System Design & Analysis
  • MIS 640 Advanced Management Information Systems

Departments that Administer



There are two ways to claim your Certificate in Business Information Systems upon completion of the course work:

For questions about course offerings, contact the Fort Hays State University Department of Informatics at 785.628.5373 or send an email to informatics@fhsu.edu.

To enroll or seek enrollment information, contact the Fort Hays State University Office of the Registrar at 785.638.4222.