About Cisco Networking Academy System


  • The Cisco Networking Academy System is the world's leading mechanism for dissemination of information technology skills. The system uses a combination of intensively prepared instructors, high quality multimedia curriculum, laboratory experiences, and work based learning. Curriculum and training originate from the Cisco Learning Institute (CLI), a non-profit organization established with the mission of creating capable employees for the information technology workforce CLI is sponsored by Cisco Systems, Sun Micro Systems, Adobe, Microsoft and Fluke.
  • Course work currently includes Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), Web Design, Unix, IT Essentials, and Java. Network Security and Wireless LAN courses will be available in Fall 2003.
  • The Networking Academy System is a tiered system starting with the Cisco Learning Institute. The next step is the national Cisco Academy Training Centers (CATCs) who train regional instructors and whom are involved in developing and reviewing curriculum. Regional Academies provide training and support for Local Academies which in turn administer curricula to their own academy students.


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