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Online CCNA

The Information Networking and Telecommunications Department at Fort Hays State University was one of the first to receive approval and to offer the CCNA curriculum on-line. Today, we are able to offer this quality curriculum at an affordable price. While corporate training sessions remain in the thousand dollar range, the INT department is offering the CCNA courses through the virtual college at the price of regular tuition. The resources we devote to supporting this program are unmatched. We work hard to serve our students and to meet the needs of employers for skilled employees. We welcome you to our Web site and we hope that we have the opportunity to serve you.


The Information Networking and Telecommunications Department is excited to offer a program unlike any other in the Midwest. The On-line Cisco Certification Program is a complete program on the principles and practice of designing, building, and maintaining networks capable of supporting national and global organizations. Offered through Fort Hays State University, the program can be completed entirely online, for college credit, at a fraction of the cost often charged by corporate training facilities.

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CCNA Curriculum

The CCNA is the first level Cisco Certification. This certification is NOT vender specific. It is designed to develop key network design, installation, and maintenance skills. The CCNA preparation consists of two courses; Internetworking I & II. Internetworking I covers semesters 1 & 2 of the Cisco Networking Academy Curriculum and Internetworking II includes semesters 3 & 4 of the Cisco Networking Academy Curriculum. After completion of these two on-line courses, students will be well prepared to take the CCNA exam. The CCNA exam is offered in both a single and a two-test format and may taken at any certified testing center nationwide, including one campus in Hays. Registration info can be found at the Kelley Center website.

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About the Instructor

Angela Walters, instructor of Information Networking and Telecommunications

Angela Walters is a full-time faculty member for Fort Hays State University's Information Networking and Telecommunications Department. She began her position as instructor for INT on June 20, 2000.

In 1997 she earned her associate of arts degree from Colby Community College. Angela received both her bachelor of science degree in INT and MLS degree in computer networking from FHSU. She has also received her Cisco instructor training certification.

Most recently, Angela was a part-time instructor of INT and worked as a research specialist for the Docking Institute of Public Affairs. She has also worked as a research assistant in rural telecommunications for the Hays Medical Center.

While attending college, Angela was a member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Student Alumni Association, Advanced Technology Student Organization, Communications Club, Student Government Association and National Broadcasting Society. She was also a Presidential Scholar and was on the Dean's Honor Roll.

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The Cisco Networking Academy Program teaches students to design, build, and maintain computer networks. The Academy curriculum covers a broad range of topics, from basic networking skills such as pulling cable to more complex concepts such as applying advanced troubleshooting tools.

Semesters 1 through 4 of the Academy program, equivalent to 280 hours of instruction, provide students with a basic foundation in networking. Students who successfully complete this portion of the program are eligible to earn Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA™) certification.

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Curriculum Outline and Demo

View a sample of the four CCNA courses.

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Degree Options

Fort Hays State University has been a national leader in distance learning. The University has been using technology to offer classes for a decade. First, our focus was the use of interactive television, in recent years, the technology shift has been to asynchronous web based course work. Fort Hays State University has a unique Board of Regents granted mission in the integration of computing and telecommunications in the educational environment and work place in Kansas.

Consider these options:


  1. Cisco Certified Network Associate Training On-Line
    FHSU is the Kansas leader in higher education based Cisco certification training. We are the flagship of the Kansas Cisco Academy System and have 23 local academies. In addition to our local academies, we offer the CCNA training via two on-line three credit courses that can be taken for either undergraduate credit or as a graduate leveling course. INT Department's Web page with additional information is found at: Please note, the Internetworking (CCNA) classes start each semester.

  2. Bachelors of General Studies
    The Bachelors of General Studies is an on-line flexible degree program that serves substantially as a degree completion program which has substantial academic integrity. Students select an area of concentration. One of the available areas is Information Networking and Telecommunications.

  3. Masters of Liberal Studies
    The Masters of Liberal Studies is an on-line interdisciplinary graduate program. It consists of a 10 hour core that is extremely relevant to persons working in an information organization like Sprint. Students complete an 18 hour customized plan of study and a 3-hour culminating project for a total of 31 hours. One of the available areas for study is Information Networking and Telecommunications (INT). Students may also mix INT and Computer Information Systems or Technology Studies courses in customizing their plan.

  4. Internetworking Certificate
    The Fort Hays State University Internetworking Certificate is designed to provide key skills for persons desiring to be computer-networking professionals. A student completing the certificate will have finished the course work necessary to sit for the prestigious Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) examination AND will have an academic certificate from Fort Hays State University. The four classes also apply toward the FHSU bachelors degree in Telecommunications and Networking offered by the Department of Information Networking and Telecommunications.

    Classes that comprise the Internetworking Certification
    • INT 291 - Internetworking I
    • INT 293 - Internetworking II
    • INT 680 - Network Architecture and Data Communication I
    • INT 681 - Network Architecture and Data Communication II
    While students may take just the Internetwork Certification I and II courses to sit for the Cisco CCNA exam, research has shown that students who have taken all four courses have a much higher first time pass rate than the national average. Network Architecture and Data Communication I and II address the theory of data communication for Internetworking. Topics include, for Data Communication I, OSI Model, physical media, electrical signal, linecoding, link level protocol, network routing and addressing, LAN and WAN concepts. Data Communication II is an on-line seminar class in which students undertake faculty guided research, presentations, and experiments on key Internetworking topics and will present to each other and the faculty member via the Internet.

  5. From On-line to On-campus
    The Cisco On-line Program is an excellent opportunity for students to immediately start working toward their career certifications. Work schedules, time constraints, and current job responsibilities may prevent students from attending on-campus courses. However, over time circumstances do change and students opt for attending the on-campus courses. The transfer from on-line to on-campus is very smooth and often recommended for students who are initially unable to attend campus but would like to finish their courses, or perhaps an entire degree program, on the campus of FHSU.

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Enrolling using the Virtual College enrollment form

You will enroll in the Cisco on-line classes through the virtual college. For a detailed description of how to get started and the class schedule go to the Virtual College Web site.

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Contact the INT Department


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    The Informatics Web site contains a wealth of information about our department and programs.

  • Visit Our Campus
    The Cisco On-line Certification Courses give you the flexibility to conduct your class work at any location. However, if you ever wish to visit our campus you are more than welcome!
    Heather Hall
    600 Park Street
    Hays, KS 67601

  • E-mail
    If you have any questions about the Cisco On-line Certification Courses, please feel free to e-mail the instructors. Their e-mail address is provided below.

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