"Entrepreneur Direct Series" Presentation

February 12th, 2013

During this year's "Entrepreneur Direct Series" at Fort Hays State University, a graduate from the Department of Informatics' was one of the two participants. Dylan Bathurst, along with founder and owner of Simply Charmed - Tammy McClellan, took part in a panel-style presentation where they answered questions from faculty and students.

Dylan Bathurst is a FHSU Web Development graduate and the founder of Rumgr. Dylan started Rumgr through involvement in a "Start-Up Weekend" in Las Vegas while working for Zappos. Rumgr is a smart phone application that makes selling garage-sale-type items quick and easy. Rumgr's primary investor is the CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh. However, Rumgr has also received investment from such luminaries as Fred Mossler and Arun Rajan, as well as Andrew Donner of Resort Gaming Group.

To learn more about Rumgr's story, visit http://www.rumgr.com/.