Department of Informatics' Scholarship Recipients

The Department of Informatics and its supporters are pleased to have the opportunity to provide several departmental scholarships to students on a yearly basis. These awards include: Jack & Peggy Heather Scholarship, AT&T Foundation Scholarship, Nex-Tech/Rural Telephone Scholarship, MIS Faculty Scholarship, Lowen Corporation Scholarship, Golden Plains Credit Union Scholarship, Farmers Alliance Mutual Insurance Co. Scholarship, Data Center, Inc. Scholarship, Insurance Planning Scholarship, H. Keith & Esther Megill Scholarship, Matthew Schamberger Memorial Scholarship, James Woodmansee Hutchison Scholarship, and Jack Logan Scholarship.

2013 - 2014 Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Name Recipient Name  
Jack & Peggy Heather Collin Pfeifer  13-14 Jack & Peggy Heather Scholarship Recipients
 Left to Right: Department of Informatics Chair, Stephen Schleicher; Paul Kirkwood; Collin Pfeifer; Dakota Tucker; Ryan Ross
Paul Kirkwood
Ryan Ross
Dakota Tucker
AT&T Foundation Christopher Simmons  13-14 AT&T Foundation Scholarship Recipients
 Left to Right: Assistant Professor, Melissa Hunsicker-Walburn; Brittani Tran; Christopher Simmons
Brittani Tran
Nex-Tech/Rural Telephone Jered Horn 13-14 Nex-Tech/Rural Telephone Scholarship Recipient        Left to Right: Nex-Tech Representative; Jered Horn
Lowen Corporation David Guiboa 13-14 Lowen Co_ Scholarship Recipient         Left to Right: Assistant Professor, Jon Tholstrup; David Guiboa
Farmers Alliance Mutual Insurance Co. Linsey Powers  
Insurance Planning Collin Pfeifer  
Matthew Schamberger Memorial     Ryan Dick  13-14 Matthew Schamberger Memorial Scholarship Recipients
 Left to Right: Assistant Professor, Jon Tholstrup; Ryan Dick; Joshua Smith
  Joshua Smith
Jack Logan Chad McQuillen