Informatics Testimonials


DavidJarnaginDavid Jarnagin (2004)
Technology Consultant
Consolidated Graphics
Gainsville, FL
The INT department curriculum doesn't just give a student a depth of knowledge in one area like Web development, internetworking, or media studies; it also gives the student a breadth of knowledge in leadership, public policy, and entrepreneurship. These are valuable skills which were integral to obtaining my current position with Consolidated Graphics.
Cyd Athens (2007)

Public Works
Portland, OR
Being one of the first to complete FHSU's Information Assurance (IA) concentration required boldly going where no INT student had gone before. Successfully finishing my culminating project meant proving not only to my committee, but also to myself, that I had a holistic grasp of the IA subject matter as well as the willingness and ability to compensate for the types of SNAFUBARs commonly encountered in real world projects. Earning the MLS in IA was one of my most challenging, and most satisfying, academic experiences.

BradOdetteeBrad Odettee (1985)
Project Manager
Cerner Corporation
Kansas City, MO
Without the in-depth base knowledge acquired in pursuing an INT degree, I would not have been confident in the quality of the work I am now capable of producing. The education at FHSU was one of the best investments I have made in myself.
JenniferMontenegroJennifer Montenegro (2008)
KWCH Eyewitness News 12 Television
Wichita, KS
My time spent in Heather Hall prepared me for life after college. I learned everything from time management to learning new equipment to dealing with a client. The best part was the hands-on experience right from the start. I was able to take my ideas and put it in projects. We were allowed to make mistakes, learn from it, and do better next time. Without my time spent at KFHS and FHSU, I wouldn't have been offered a job before my college experience was over.