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Certificate in Web Development

(15 hours)
The Web Development Certificate offered by the Fort Hays State University Department of Informatics is designed for the person who seeks the skills to create highend websites with strong design and functional abilities. This certificate includes design as well as coding courses.

  • INT 250 Intro to Web Development
  • INT 650 Interactive Systems Design
  • INT 651 Advanced Web Development
  • INT 653 Web Scripting Languages
  • INT 654 Intro to Web-Enabled Databases: MySQL

No grade lower than a ā€œCā€ will be accepted toward the certificate. All courses must be taken for credit. Upon completion of certificate requirements complete the attached Intent to Complete a Certificate in Web Development and submit it to the Department of Informatics for approval. You should receive your certificate 4-6 weeks from the date of approval.



Intent to Complete a Certificate In Web Development

Last Name:

First Name:

Middle Name:

Student ID#: 

Phone #: 


Email Address:

List the address the certificate should be mailed to:

Street Address:   Apt. #:



Zip Code:


Please indicated the semester, year and grade for each of the following courses that you completed toward earning this certificate:

INT 250 Introduction to Web Development: Semester Year  Grade

INT 650 Interactive Systems Design: Semester Year Grade

INT 651 Advanced Web Development: Semester Year Grade

INT 653 Web Scripting Languages: Semester   Year Grade

INT 654 Intro to Web-Enabled Databases (MySQL): Semester  Year Grade


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(785) 628-5373 ~ FAX (785) 628-4098 ~

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