Fantasy Basketball

Game Purpose:

Match your basketball strategy and sports management skills with friends. Determine through weekly FBL scoring who drafts manages the best professional basketball team. Points are awarded based on actual scores made by NBA season. Play head to head against other FBL teams until a league champion is crowned.


Prior to the start of the NBA season, franchise owners hold a draft. Each franchise owner drafts a total of 11 players and 1 head coach from current NBA rosters.

3 Centers (C)
2 Power Forwards (PF)
2 Small Forwards (SF)
2 Shooting Guards (SG)
2 Point Guards (PG)
1 Head Coach (HC)

Starting Lineups :

Each franchise submits a starting lineup of 5 players and 1 head coach to the Commissioner prior to tip-off of the first game of the NBA week. After week one, if no starting lineup is submitted, the Commissioner assumes the franchise has no lineup changes. The starting lineup consists of one of each of the above positions (center, power forward, small forward, shooting guard, point guard and head coach).


As with real NBA team, NBA franchise owners can trade or transfer one or more NBA players from one franchise to another. Trades must be finalized in time for the weekly lineup exchange. No trades are allowed during the last 4 weeks of the season. Once a player has been traded, he must stay on the new roster 3 weeks.

The league Commissioner must confirm all trades. All trades will cost $1.00 each.


A franchise owner may also waive a player on his/her current roster and add a non-roster player from the Available Players List throughout the season.

All waivers will cost $1.00 each.

Injured Reserve:

A franchise owner may place a valued NBA player from his team on Injured Reserve only if the real NBA team has this player placed on IR. The franchise owner may then draft another player at the position from the Available Players List. One the NBA team takes this player off IR, the franchise owner must do so as well. The owner must then decide whether to keep the formally injured player or the replacement player. Up to 4 IR moves may be done per franchise in a season.


FBL scoring is based on actual plays and performances made by NBA players each week during the NBA season. Only players listed as starters for each franchise receive points for that franchise.

All Positions Field Goals
  Field Goals Missed
  3 Pointers Made
  3 Pointers Missed
  Free Throws Made
  Free Throws Missed
  Total Rebounds
  Blocked Shots
  Personal Fouls
  Technical Fouls
  Times Ejected

Prize Structure:

Supplemental Draft - NBA t-shirt may be drafted in the place of a NBA player. Only one t-shirt will be available per draft league. The FBL Franchise will then pick their final player after the draft is over.

Weekly Winners

  • High Point Team Owner (of all leagues)
  • 2nd Place Point Team Owner (of all leagues)
  • Unfulfilled Fantasies Winner (most non-starter points)
  • FBL Shirt
  • FBL Mug
  • FBL Mug

Season League Head-to-Head Winners

  • First Place Franchise Owner
  • Second Place Franchise Owner
  • Third & Fourth Place Franchise Owners
  • Sweat Tops
  • FBL Mug
  • FBL Shirt

Super Bowl Champions (each league)

  • IM Shorts

Toilet Bowl Champions (each league)

  • IM Shirts

Top 10 Overall Winners

  • FBL Shirts

League schedules will come out 2 days after draft.

Special Auction | Draft League:

  • This league will be run the same regulations, rights, and privileges as other FBL Leagues.
  • Draft day will be the only difference in the auction draft league and regular draft leagues.
  • All franchise owners will be given an account of $500 FBl dollars.
  • Draft order will be a random draw, at which at that time, teams will choose which NBA player will be auctioned away first.
  • Players will go to the highest bidder of the FBL fantasy dollars.
  • All teams MUST STAY within their $500 limit.
  • All teams must fill their roster of all required 11 players.

Teams winning out of FBL Fantasy dollars will be frozen in bidding until their next draft position, at which time, their most valuable player will be sold at the auction. Money - 10% will back to the previous owner of the rights to the player and their bidding highs will become frozen so they may fill their roster.

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