NFL/NCAA Football Pool

1. This event is open to all divisions.

2. Sheets containing a variety of NFL and NCAA games will be available weekly in the IM-REC office and also in the University Leader. Pools will be available on Tuesday morning by noon. Only one pool per week per person.

3. Participants should mark the teams they think will win the weekly match-ups. The person who picks the most number of correct games will determine the winner.

4. Ties will be broken using a tie-breaker at the bottom of the sheet. Participants write down what they believe will be the score of the Monday night game. The person whose score is closest to the Monday night game will win the tie.

5. Entries will be due by noon on Friday, unless there is a Wednesday or Thursday night game.

6. There will be an "All Bowl" pool following collegiate season.

7. Weekly winners will receive Intramural Championship T-shirts, and the overall winner will receive a sweatshirt.

Eliminator Series

1. Each week, participants will be asked to choose one team who they believe will win that week. Participants will only be allowed to pick one team once in a season.

2. Teams will be recorded week by week, and an overall winner will be chosen when all participants have been eliminated.

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