Remote Control Boat Races

1. This event will produce four winners:

  1. Obstacle Course Winner
  2. Head-to-Head Winner
  3. Overall Winner
  4. Private Boat Owner Entry Winner

Obstacle Course Race:

2. A course will be set up by the Intramural G.A. guru.

3. All participants will race against the clock.

4. The course will consist of numerous obstacles and gates to test your boating skills.

5. Improper maneuvering through any obstacle will result in a three-second time penalty.

6. Each Rubber duck hit along the way will result in a one-second time penalty.

7. The boater with the quickest time will be the winner.

Head-to-Head Race:

8. Participants will be drawn into a double elimination bracket.

9. Head-to-Head races will take place until a champion is crowned.

10. Bumping of boats is permitted, with the stipulation, you break it you buy it.

Overall Winner will be decided as follows:

1st Place 50 points
2nd Place 45 points
3rd Place 40 points
4th Place 35 points

In case of a tie, there will be a head-to-head race between the leading participants.

Private Boat Owner Entry:

12. The same course and rules will apply; however, private boat owners will race other private boat owners, while Im-Rec boat racers will race other Im-Rec boat racers.

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