Steal and Wheel Door Slammer Softball Tournament

The roster can include a maximum of 15 players. There must be eight to start and eight to finish.

This will be a combined community and intramural event.

A $65 entry fee will be charged to community teams only. Intramural team fees will be reduced to $35.

Prizes will be awarded to members of the top three teams.

Stealing is legal.

All USSSA rules will apply with the following exceptions:

  • The runner may steal any base.
  • The runner may steal on pitcher's release. (No leading off.)
  • The runner may only steal on a strike.
  • If the runner attempts to steal and it is a called ball. If it is a swung at ball or a missed pitch, the play becomes a force back at the base where the runner left.
  • The runner must be on base when the ball is pitched or it can become an out if appealed to the umpire.
  • Runners may steal on strike 3.
  • If on the third strike catcher misses the ball, the batter/runner is automatically out and may not advance to first.
  • There is no balk rule. an runner cannot leave until the ball leaves the pitchers hand.
  • The pitcher may throw to a base in the attempt to pick off a runner.
  • No fake pitches allowed.

All teams will receive a package with coupons for hamburgers, hotdogs, and pop.

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