Tri Ball

Tri-ball is basically volleyball; however, in tri-ball, you team has the creative option of playing the ball over one of three nets to your choice of of one of two opposing teams.

The court is divided into three equal sections by three standard volleyball nets. These sections will be referred to as Sections A, B, and C. The nets are raised to the standard men's height of 7'11". The service line is in the center of the back of each section.

A team shall consist of 4 - 6 players. If four players are on a team, at least two must be women. If five players are on a team, at least two must be women. If six players are on a team, there must be three of each gender.

Substitutes may be introduced after each round of serves.

The team receiving a serve or volley may volley the ball to either opposing team.

Your team is allowed the standard three touches of the ball to set and return a serve or volley.

If there is more than one touch by a co-rec team, it must be touched by each gender before clearing the net.

Each team begins with 36 points. The main objective is to finish each game with more points than your other two opponents. Your strategy should be to defensively retain as many points as possible, while offensively chipping away at the points of your opponents.

Points are deducted from your total each time you:

  • Hit the ball out of bounds
  • Fail to safely return the ball to either of your opponents
  • Allow another team to land the ball in your section
  • Hit the ball into any net on your serve
  • Hit the ball at any time into the far net that separates your two opponents
  • Foot fault during a serve
  • Touch or break the plane above or below the net
  • Serve out of rotation
  • Fail to serve one serve to each opposing team
  • Fail to rotate your team members in a clockwise pattern each time a new player on your team serves

Every time the ball is served, a point will be lost by one of the three teams (rally score).

Each game is separated into three quick rounds.

In each round, each team will get four serves.

Each team will get a total of 12 serves in the game.

The game ends when each team has taken twelve serves.

In each round, the team in Section "A" will serve 4 times, then service will move clockwise to the team in Section "B," then Section "C." The next round will begin with Section "A" serving four times.

In each round, two members from each team will get two serves a piece. Each player must serve both serves consecutively and serve to each of the opposing teams in the order of the server's choice.

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