Ultimate Frisbee League

Starting, Forfeit Time, and Finishing

1. 14 players will make up a team. You must start the game if you have 10 players. Forfeit time is 10 minutes past the scheduled start time.

General Rules

1. The disc is put into play by a throw-in. Should the initial throw-in sail out-of-bounds, there will be a re-throw. A second toss out-of-bounds, will result in the disc being placed at mid-field.

2. The throw-off will occur with all 14 players behind the goal line they are defending. The receiving team may not have more than 7 players in front of midfield.

3. Play begins from where the offensive team gains possession of the disc.

4. There is no line, other than the end zone, to gain.

5. Players must continually throw the disc to their teammates.

6. Throwers are not allowed to take steps while the disc is in their possession.

7. Anytime a pass is incomplete, intercepted, knocked-down, or contacts an out-of-bounds area, a turnover occurs.

8. If there is a turnover, there is an immediate change of possession.

9. The new possession will occur where the disc comes to a stop.

10. The disc may be tossed forward, sideways, or laterally.

11. ABSOLUTELY NO DIVING. No offensive or defensive player shall leave his or her feet to make a catch.

12. Aggressive touching of the disc holder will not be accepted.

13. There will be no attempt to take or strip the disc from an offensive player.

14. Absolutely no blocking of any kind will be allowed.

15. A dropped or fumbled disc is dead when it touches the ground.

16. No metal cleats or spikes will be allowed on shoes. Regular soccer shoes are allowed and they must have soft rubber cleats.

17. No player will be able to participate in bare feet.

Co-Rec Rules

18. You must have 6 women and 8 men. You must start a game if you have 10 players. The first or second pass must be thrown to a female beyond the line of scrimmage and on the kickoff.

Time-Time Outs

19. Each quarter will be 7 minutes, and the clock will stop only when a team asks for a time-out, or when a time-out is taken by an official. Time-out is taken on scores and delays.

20. Each team is allowed two time-outs per half.

21. Tied game rules and regulations:

  1. A team must win by two points (in overtime only)
  2. If a two-point advantage cannot be established, the first team to score three (3) overtime points will win.


22. Each goal is worth one (1) point.

23. There is no point after attempts.

24. In order for a receiver to be considered in the end zone after gaining possession of the disc, his/her first point of contact (1 foot) with the ground must be completely in the end zone.


25. Penalties:

  1. For leaving feet in attempt to catch a disc - Turnover
  2. Flagrant roughness - Disqualification
  3. For fumbling or not catching the disc - Turnover
  4. Holding the disc for more than 7 seconds - Turnover
  5. For handing the disc from player to player - Turnover
  6. Catching your own throw that wasn't touched by another player - Turnover
  7. Foul language -
    • 1st occurrence - Warning
    • 2nd occurrence - Disqualification
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