Licensing and Other Uses of the Trademarks


Fort Hays State University has operated a licensing program since 1994 to provide legal protection for its identity marks. To protect the university’s image and to protect the university from liability, Fort Hays State University’s licensing program establishes ownership and regulates the use of its name and other identity marks. Specifically, the licensing policy serves to:

  • Protect the institution from liability lawsuits and legally uphold the trademarks of the university;
  • Ensure that the imprinted images of FHSU are accurate; and
  • Ensure that those images and products reflect the quality and the mission of the institution.

We are a mid-sized university with a long record of highly successful athletic programs, many other popular activities and an alumni base of about 50,000. Therefore, we enjoy a demand for commercial products that capitalize on our name and image.

Although the university once charged royalty fees for the use of its protected identity marks on commercial products, all royalty fees have been discontinued in order to encourage wide dissemination of our image. However, all businesses are required to become licensed by submitting an agreement and paying a $50 annual fee, acknowledging FHSU’s ownership of its marks. In addition, all uses of the university’s protected identity marks must be presented to the Office of University Relations for approval prior to manufacture. This approval is required for all uses, commercial or otherwise. A vendor’s licensing agreement entitles it to manufacture licensed products for FHSU, the Sternberg Museum of Natural History and the Kansas Wetlands Education Center.

Please contact the Office of University Relations for information about the FHSU licensing program. A current list of licensed manufacturers is posted on the Web site.

Student Use of Licensed Marks

Officially recognized student organizations are not required to be licensed, but all student organizations must contact the Office of University Relations for approval, prior to product manufacture, when using Fort Hays State University’s name and identity marks.

Imprinted Products/Specialty Items

Promotional items are highly visible tools for communicating the FHSU identity. They are seen across the country and throughout the world. There are specific procedures to follow in order to have imprinted products manufactured. All products that reproduce FHSU’s name or identity marks, whether for resale or for university use, are subject to the policy. The policy requires you to:

  • Use an FHSU-licensed vendor to manufacture your product or
  • Get signed approval from University Relations for the design prior to manufacture, regardless of funding source.

For more detailed information on the licensing program, visit

To save money, the Central Purchasing warehouse carries some FHSU imprinted items such as pens and pencils. Contact Central Purchasing at ext. 4239 or visit for a list of imprinted items in stock, available only to FHSU faculty, staff and students.

Ceremonial Items

Even though the university seal is reserved for use on ceremonial items, remember that ceremonial items can provide a great opportunity to promote FHSU. Using the seal for special occasions can add value and impact to your personal relations with donors, high-profile celebrities and professionals, exceptional students and colleagues, and special friends of your department. Ceremonial items may include certificates, class rings and approved licensed products intended as ceremonial gifts.

To preserve the value of the university seal, the seal is reserved exclusively for ceremonial use. Please do not use the seal on everyday items such as sportswear, letterhead and trinkets.

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