Tips for Better Publications


  • Use one clean, readable type font with different weights or italics for emphasis where needed.
  • Use a standard, easily read, 9- to 12-point type size for body copy of your newsletter or brochure.
  • Decide on the hierarchy of the information to emphasize – from the most important to the least important.
  • Emphasize main topics through headlines. Headlines look attractive in boldface and slightly larger type sizes than body text.
  • Use consistent type sizes for headlines, subheads and body text.
  • Use larger type and dull-finished paper for older audiences.
  • Leave adequate leading, margin and gutter space.
  • Limit the number of graphics or clip art per page.
  • Make sure clip-art styles match.
  • Leave a comfortable amount of white (or breathing) space around headlines – add at least a pica of space above a headline to separate it from the previous story.
  • Include at least a pica of space around text inside boxes.
  • Include the university logo in the proper way.
  • Include attractive, action-oriented photos that communicate the message of the nearby text.
  • Check with FHSU’s Printing Services before you start your publication. This will:
    1. ensure the most appropriate and least expensive method of printing and mailing your publication; and
    2. ensure the proper postal indicia appears as is accepted by the U.S. Postal Service.
  • Note that the ZIP code for FHSU is 67601-4099.
  • Include your department’s Web address and telephone number.



  • Use more than three different type families per publication.
  • Use hard-to-read type styles or sizes (no smaller than 9 point for body copy) or too-large sizes that rudely shout at the reader.
  • Forget to include the university logo, Web address and 800 or your department’s telephone number.
  • Alter the university’s identity marks.
  • Use identity marks other than university-approved marks.
  • Use dull, poor-quality or inappropriate photographs in your publication.
  • Clutter or crowd your pages.
  • Try to emphasize everything.
  • Fall into the FOUR-IN-ONE TRAP!!! You don’t need ALL CAPS, underscoring, bold face and exclamation points (!) to show emphasis. In trying to emphasize everything, we emphasize nothing.
  • Use the wrong method of mailing for your publication. Refer to Printing Services’ manual, Guide to Non-Profit Mail Services.
  • Don't download images from Web pages for print reproduction.
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