Table of Contents - Promoting FHSU




Branding Platform
Positioning statement
Brand promise
Brand drivers
Brand personality

Applying the Basic Parts of FHSU's Identity
This Is the University Logo   - Applying the Logo
This Is the University Mascot   - Using the University Mascot
This Is the University tagline 
This Is our Name
      Be careful with shortcuts
    Our sub-unit names
This Is the University Seal 
  Academic certificates
Award and recognition certificates
Secondary logos and taglines 
      Quasi-independent entities
    Parameters to qualify
Identity Marks on the Web   
These are our colors  
This is our paper 
 These are our typefaces 
Branded photography  

Working with the World Wide Web  
Policies and Philosophy
General Guidelines
Sub-unit Sites
Individual Web Pages
Use of Identity Marks on the Web
Advertising on the Web

Power of the Written Word
Editorial Style
Distributing News

University Stationery System
      Digital letterhead
    Margin settings on letterhead
    Secondary logo positions on letterhead
Return Addresses/Envelopes
Business Cards
Name Tags
Message Pads/Routing Slips
Mailing Labels

Licensing and Other Uses of Trademarks
Student use of trademarks
Imprinted products/specialty items
Ceremonial items

Seizing Opportunities for Promotion
Brochures, Printed Publications and Other Outreach Materials
Template Brochure
Media Coverage
Public Speaking and Presentation Materials
Virtual Media and Computer Applications

Tips for Better Publications

Ensuring Proper "Boilerplate" Language 
Mission Statement
Affirmative Action Statements
University Description and Location









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