Promoting FHSU - Purpose


The purpose of this manual is to make it easier for you to effectively promote Fort Hays State University.


Forward thinking. World ready.

In August 2009, Fort Hays State University launched a new brand platform and a redesigned Web site.

This comprehensive online technical manual is intended to make it easier for faculty, students, staff, alumni, licensed vendors and friends of Fort Hays State University to effectively promote the university using the new brand positioning platform.

The overarching goal of the brand platform is to apply the approved design elements and messages to present a consistent representation of the university, enabling the institution to speak with one voice. In other words, all FHSU communications should include foundational graphic elements – applied in a similar manner system-wide – to reinforce the brand.

It is not a simple matter of applying the graphic elements in creative or random ways. In order to present the FHSU brand effectively, the brand design elements must be applied diligently and consistently so that communications reflect the university’s personality.

Need help? Contact any of these members of the Brand Implementation Team with your questions or to request assistance:

Kent Steward, Brand Manager, 4208,
Mary Ridgway, Creative Director, 4521,
Andy Tincknell, Video Production Specialist, 4194,
Jennifer Robinson, Graphics and Animation Specialist, 4192,
John Allen, Director of Printing Services, 5310,
Kurt Beyers, Assistant Director of University Relations, 4480,

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