This is the University Seal

University Seal

The university seal is used to prove authenticity on FHSU documents. It is exclusively reserved for official documents such as diplomas, transcripts, certificates and ceremonial recognition gifts. The university seal is never to be used for decoration, on letterhead or for general use.

The university seal must have a TM with it when it is reproduced on a ceremonial commercial product.

You can download it at GIF versions are available for Web use, and TIFF and Adobe Illustrator vector versions are available for all printed publications.

Academic Certificates

At the direction of the provost, FHSU has implemented a policy concerning the manufacture and distribution of official university academic certificates. Students who have made a substantial financial investment and worked hard to complete a certificate program deserve a certificate that affirms FHSU’s academic excellence and gives the recipient a positive impression of the institution. Fort Hays State is providing a specially designed certificate and presentation folder to be exclusively used for academic recognition.

To sustain the university's consistent image of quality, no other academic recognition certificates are to be substituted or distributed by departments.

The certificate is an 81/2 by 11-inch white linen, pre-printed certificate that has fields where departments may insert custom information. The certificate also includes a gold foil embossed university seal and is packaged in a matching black folder that has the university seal embossed on the cover.

FHSU Printing Services will exclusively produce all academic certificates at a modest cost to departments.

Please contact Printing Services for the specific guidelines on how to order academic certificates.

Award and Recognition Certificates

To appropriately honor FHSU faculty, staff, students and friends of the university, please present something relative to the investment the individual has made to FHSU. Guidelines are currently in development.

FHSU Printing Services has pre-printed certificate blanks available for your use. Please contact Printing Services to order generic certificates blanks.

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