Global Justice

Global Justice is a learning community comprised of 25 first year students who share common interests, take classes together, live in the same dorm and participate in activities together throughout the year. No matter how ready you think you are, adjusting to college life can be a challenge. By joining Global Justice, you have preferential room assignments in McMindes Hall and have an earlier move-in time! You will also take classes with fellow members each semester that focus on justice studies. This will make studying easier with ready-made study groups, and you'll be able to get to know our faculty outside of the classroom.

The Global Justice learning community explores those issues related to justice within the context of a global society. In particular, students will learn about not only the US justice system but also other prominent systems around the world. Additionally, students will be exposed to the rapidly changing aspects of these systems due to the development of technology, terrorism, and global values. Finally, it is expected that students will develop both an academic skill set and valuable social skills to promote future success in justice.

Signature co-curricular activity: Criminal Justice Leadership Summit in Washington D.C. and a presentation by the nationally known expert on cybercrime. Other activities include movie nights, pizza parties, and bowling. To fill out an application for the 2013-2014 Learning Community, please visit You may also contact the Global Justice Coordinator, April Terry at or 785-628-4468.


In October, the Global Justice Learning Community students traveled to Larned and Great Bend to explore the justice system at a local and state level. They toured the Larned Correctional Facility, the Larned State Hospital, and the KBI Building in Great Bend.
LLC KBI Building
   KBI Building in Great Bend, KS.

January 15-18, 2014, the Global Justice Learning Community students traveled to Washington D.C. on an educational trip to view the White House, the US Supreme Court House, the Library of Congress. and the Capitol. They also toured the Holocaust museum and Crime and Punishment museum.  

Capitol Building  Capitol Building2 
   The Capitol Building with Senator Jerry Moran.                                              A star marks the point at which Washington
                                                                                                                           D.C. is divided into its four quadrants.  

Crime & Punishment Museum   Crime & Punishment Museum3 
   The Crime & Punishment Museum.                                                  

Crime & Punishment Museum2Crime & Punishment Museum5 

Crime & Punishment Museum4 

   Department of Justice 

US Supreme Court HouseUS Supreme Court House2
   US Supreme Court House. 


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