Mr. Kenton Russell

Instructor/Training and Certificate Coordinator

russell kenton

Fort Hays State University
Rarick Hall 233F

B.S. Science, Emporia State University
M.C.J. Criminal Justice, Wasburn University
Ph.D. Candidate

Courses Taught:
Intro to Private Investigations
Intro to Criminal Justice
Administration of Justice Systems
Criminal Investigation
Defensive Tactics
Self Defense

Fields Of Expertise:
Certified Expert in the Use-of-Force
Defensive Tactics
Special Weapons
Tactical Deployment
Law Enforcement Physical Combat Training
Mixed Martial Arts

Mr. Russell is a former United States Army officer and has been involved in law enforcement since 1991. Mr. Russell is currently the instructor of the Police Sciences at FHSU’s Department of Justice Studies, and is also in charge of the Defensive Tactics club.