Bachelor of Arts/Science in Justice Studies

When deciding between the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies, you will find the main difference is the language requirement. The Bachelor of Arts degree requires 10 credit hours of language (such as Spanish I & II), while the Bachelor of Science does not.

All majors take the same 21-hour core curriculum in Justice Studies, but then, working with your academic advisor, you can tailor the remaining 21 hours of your degree program around your specific interests and career objectives.

   Program of Study Summary 

General Education 55 credit hours
Foreign Language (Bachelor of Arts) 10 credit hours
Core Curriculum 21 credit hours
Major Electives 21 credit hours
Free Electives (Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science) 17/27 credit hours


124 credit hours

Core Curriculum
JUS 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 credit hours
JUS 200 Criminology 3 credit hours
JUS 225 Justice in the Information Age 3 credit hours
JUS 250 Administration of Justice Systems 3 credit hours
JUS 300 Criminal Justice Research Methods 3 credit hours
JUS 310     Comparative Justice Systems 3 credit hours
JUS 400 Advanced Seminar in Justice Studies 3 credit hours

Major electives (choose 21 credit hours)
These courses are offered on rotation. See the Justice Studies course rotation schedule for more information.
JUS 100 Workshop in Justice Studies 1-3 credit hours
JUS 305 Corporate Crime and Deviance 3 credit hours
JUS 315     Intro to Private Security     3 credit hours
JUS 320 Police Systems and Practices 3 credit hours
JUS 331 Criminal Law and Procedure 3 credit hours
JUS 335 Civil Liability 3 credit hours
JUS 341 Corrections 3 credit hours
JUS 345 Community Corrections 3 credit hours
JUS 350 Drugs and Society 3 credit hours
JUS 355 Criminal Investigation 3 credit hours
IDS 360 Social Justice 3 credit hours
JUS 365 Juvenile Delinquency 3 credit hours
JUS 370 Terrorism 3 credit hours
JUS 375 Criminal Profiling 3 credit hours
JUS 380 Topics in Justice Studies (Variable) - exp: Serial Killers, Woman and
Crime, Intro to Forensic Science, Concepts of Self-Defense, etc.
3 credit hours
JUS 382 Defensive Tactics 3 credit hours
JUS 385 Victimology and Victim Services 3 credit hours
JUS 390 Sex Crimes 3 credit hours

Recommended Cognates
Italics indicate that you can use these courses for your General Education requirements.   
PSY 100     General Psychology     3 credit hours
POLS 101 American Government 3 credit hours
IDS 360 Social Justice 3 credit hours