Department of Justice Studies

Master of Professional Studies, concentration in Justice Studies - available Fall 2014.

The Master of Professional Studies (MPS) degree is a fully accredited, 30-credit hour interdisciplinary graduate program. Based upon market demand, all justice studies course are available only as online courses through the Virtual College.

Admissions Requirements

If you are interested in pursuing a Master of Professional Studies degree at Fort Hays State University, please visit the Graduate School Web site or the Master of Professional Studies Web site for complete information.  However, here are the basic steps involved:

  • Submit a formal application for admission
  • Submit an official transcript of all undergraduate and graduate course work using our Transcript Request Form
  • Submit two letters of recommendation
  • Submit the application fee
  • Submit a personal statement

Meet the minimum GPA requirements of 3.0.out of 4.0 scale in the last 60 hours of undergraduate work

Master of Professional Studies, Concentration in Criminal Justice
Program of Study Summary
MPS Core Curriculum 9 credit hours
Major Concentration 9 credit hours
Major Electives 9 credit hours
Culminating Experience 3 credit hours
TOTAL 30 credit hours
Core Curriculum (9 hours):
JUS 815         Contemporary Criminological Theory 3 credit hour
JUS 820 Advanced Criminal Justice Research Methods 3 credit hours
SOC 621  Advanced Sociological Research                                   3 credit hours
Major Concentration (9 hours):
JUS 810 Criminal Justice Organizational Structures 3 credit hours
JUS 855 Situational Ethics 3 credit hours
JUS 830 Advanced Administrative Practices 3 credit hours
Major Electives (9 hours): choose 3 from the list below
JUS 600 Internship in Criminal Justice 3 credit hours
JUS 605 Workplace Violence 3 credit hours
JUS 650     Justice in Modern Cinema 3 credit hours
JUS 660 Classic Readings 3 credit hours
JUS 665 Corporate Crime 3 credit hours
JUS 680 Profiles of Evil 3 credit hours
JUS 675 Seminar in Justice Studies 3 credit hours

With the approval of your advisor, you may take selected Political Science, Information Networking and Telecommunications, Leadership Studies, Psychology, and Sociology courses within your area of concentration.

Culminating Experience
During your last semester of study, you will be required to complete a research project, individualized project or thesis as a "capstone" to your curriculum. Prior to beginning your culminating experience, you will meet with your advisor to choose the option that best meets your personal and professional goals. All options will be subject to approval or disapproval as required to meet the academic rigor for graduate study.

JUS 885 Advanced Research Project 3 credit hours
IDS 820 Projects in Liberal or Professional Studies 3 credit hours

Comprehensive Examinations
During your last semester of study, you will be required to complete an unproctored comprehensive examination. The exam consists of several questions chosen by a graduate committee that address a broad area of the criminal justice system. Students are required to take eight hours to answer the questions, which typically translates into 20-25 written pages.

For more information, visit the Master of Professional Studies Web site or contact the Department of Justice Studies.

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