Students find success at KU Engineering competition.

17 students traveled to Lawrence and competed in the Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Lego Mindstorm Robotics competitions. The Mechanical Engineering team of Leo Choi, Peter Lee, and Sugju Choi won the gold. The Aerospace Engineering team of Jaewon Sohn, Carrie Li, and Gini Weisar took home the silver.



Mechanical Engineering Team - 1st Place

L-R: Leo Choi, Peter Lee, Sugju Choi


Li-Xinnuo-Carrie.JPG     Weisar-Virginia.JPG     Sohn-Jaewon-Jae.JPG

Aerospace Engineering Team - 2nd Place

L-R: Carrie Li, Gini Weisar, Jaewon Sohn



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