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2017 Summer Academy camps!

"Let's Scratch" - - June 4 to June 8
Are you ready to step up your computer programming skills? Come to Let’s Scratch camp and learn about Scratch, a free visual programming language. Campers will learn how to create their own interactive stories, games, and animations. Then they showcase their creations to the online Scratch community and to the fellow campers!

"Intro to R Programming" - - June 11 to June 15
If you are interested in math and computer programming, this is the camp for you! The next four days will introduce campers to the world of R programming. R programming is used among mathematicians and computer programmers to develop data analysis. By the end of the week you will create your own stunning data visualizations!


"Biochemistry: Blood to Bugs" - - June 18 to June 22
What do you, insects, and your surroundings have in common? Check out Blood to Bugs camp and learn about the biochemistry of human and insects. This camp will address the four types of biomolecules with hands on experiments in the laboratory. Grab your lab coats and your bugs!

"Life in Prehistoric Kansas" - - June 18 to June 22
Prehistoric Kansas may not be what you imagined. Kansas in past times has been vastly different from its current state ranging from shallow, seaways, to forests, glaciers, and grasslands. This four-day camp will teach you have to investigate the history of Kansas and learn the basics of geological and paleontological investigations. Let’s get digging!
"Engineering Design, 3D Printing, and Drone Technology - - June 25 to June 29         
In this technology-based camp, students will have an opportunity to use their creative skills to engineer, design, and 3D print a device to attach to the Phantom 3 drone, which they will then use for a transportation challenge. Collaboration skills will be put to the test, as students will be assigned teams for a design and flight challenge. Applied Technology – Bringing STEM to life!


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