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Please check back regarding our 2017 Summer Academy camps! A list of the 2016 camps are listed below. 

Computer Animation
Come to camp and meet your new best friend, Alice. Alice is a freeware object-based educational programming language with an integrated development environment (IDE). Through hands-on experiment, campers will learn how to use Alice to create computer animations using 3D models. At the end of the camp, campers will have produced their very own short animation movie. You might just find out you could be the next Pixar superstar!

Becoming an Everyday Mathematician
It’s time to use your mathematical superpowers for good! Discover the answers to everyday questions such as: When you plug in your electronics, how does the electricity get there? How does the weather forecaster make predictions? What makes water taste the way it does? Can you accurately predict the score of a the big game? This is all explainable through mathematics. Use Excel, statistical programs, and field trips to understand mathematical concepts that affect our daily lives. Before they saved the world Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and Barry Alan all started with comprehension of every-day math. Your training begins now!

Chemistry of Cooking
Have a taste for cooking? Come enjoy the Chemistry of Cooking Camp.
Our Ph.D. professors will guide you through a fusion of culinary skills and scientific exploration including spices, herbs, searing steaks, roasting vegetables and baking. Learn what makes Wolfgang Puck, Bobby Flay, and Julia Child scientists as well as artists

Roots and Wings Biology Camp
Kansas is exemplified by a landscape of grass and sky. Plants and birds are powerful symbols of those components of Kansas ecosystems. Campers will explore the evolution, diversity, and beauty of Kansas ecosystems through a lens of plants and birds. Students will explore systems of reproduction, organization, distribution, behavior, evolution, and energy flow. During this week of scientific and aesthetic exploration, students will keep a field journal to record thoughts, experiments, data, drawings, etc. The journal will be a centerpiece of the week and will provide a take home memory of the learning and fun.

Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Boot Camp
Create your own world and then…step into it. That is what awaits creative campers who attend this camp which will introduce Google Virtual Reality. Using Google Cardboard, campers will construct a low-cost 3D virtual reality viewer. Campers will also create a simple 3D virtual reality game and collaborate in small groups to create a 360 degree video. You will leave camp with your own Google Cardboard certified viewer and some pretty cool skills.

Capturing the Storm: Learning the Basics of Meteorology
and Storm Photography

You can’t ‘trap lightning in a bottle’, but if you can predict where it will strike you can capture it on film. Come learn the science of predicting the future…at least where weather is concerned. Campers will learn basic meteorology and forecasting skills with emphasis on thunderstorms and tornadoes. By combining this knowledge with photography instruction (including night exposure) and radar software you have the ingredients for awesome photos. Students will use digital SLR cameras and tripods to capture storm structure and lightning photos.

 Details about the camps in case you missed it:

  • Camps are for incoming high school Freshmen and Sophomores.
  • Residential camps.
  • $100 registration fee includes room and board, camp supplies, and t-shirt.
  • In order to provide this opportunity to more students, a maximum of 2 camps per person can be attended.  Cost for each camp is $100.
  • Priority for each camp will be given to students who are Kansas residents.  Space will be on a first come, first serve basis.  
  • Each camp is limited to 30 students. 


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