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During the “no-shave” November timeframe, the KAMS students held a competition. KAMS junior (Seekers) class members, MaRyka Smith and Kayce Feldkamp, spearheaded this contest. Four individuals completed in the contest. Participants were Mr. Ron Keller, Director of KAMS; Dr. Roger Schieferecke, KAMS Associate Director for Student Services; Mr. Sam DeVore, KAMS senior (Vanguard); and Mr. Lucas Barnes, KAMS junior (Seekers).     

The close of the month saw Mr. Ron Keller with the largest amount donated. The funds went to the Friends of the National Zoo in Washington, DC. In the name of the KAMS classes of 2014 and 2015, a Sumatran tiger was adopted.     

The Certificate of Acknowledgement for the Adopt a Species Program and a picture of the tiger adopted can be seen proudly displayed in the KAMS office.

                           KAMS Press Conference - - October 4, 2013   10:00 AM  FHSU Custer Hall Tiger's Den


                                                      Thank you Dick and Pat Selensky!!
                                                                KAMS Press Release

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