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Project-Based Learning: What It Is and How to Develop
Workshop presented by: Lorie-Cook Benjamin with Maret and Clayton Schraber
Dec 29 and/or 30, 2014 - 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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  project-based learning

ESOL Certificate Program or Praxis Test Prep
Coming Spring 2015 Online
Presented by: Dr. Sherri Brantley
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The wait is over. You want your school staff and employees to be innovative, critical thinkers – to think outside the box … Now take yourself to the next level so you can help them get there.

GO BEYOND THE BOX with the Kansas Center for Innovative Education.

  • Quality instruction for educators and business professionals.
  • Workshops tailored for your specific education or business need.
  • Current technology in the classroom and workplace.
  • A division of Fort Hays State University College of Education and Technology.

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The Kansas Center for Innovative Education (KCIE) provides quality instructional methodologies for education and industry accessible through flexible learning environments.

Why use us?

"Very good . . . great presentations by FHSU faculty/staff, Thanks for a great day!"

100% of participants would attend future future KCIE-sponsored workshops.

" . . . it was nice having experts from the industry."

100% of participants agreed that they could use the workshop information in their work.

"The workshops I attended were awesome with great ideas for the classroom.  Hope the KCIE program continues!"

"I am a senior who has been active in educational jobs for 53 years and recently took 3 one hour workshops with the KCIE at Fort Hays under the direction of Lorie Cook Benjamin. I am so impressed with their work. They are so well organized, have great instruction and treat you with such hospitality. They have gone out of their way to help someone like me who needs a bit of extra help to navigate the new technological world. I will now be certified until 2022 thanks to them."  Martin Helmer

The KCIE is housed at Fort Hays Sate University’s (FHSU) College of Education and Technology (COET). KCIE is a center that provides educational resources, training, and development for professionals in the virtual environment as well as onsite.

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Lorie Cook Benjamin
KCIE Director

Dr. Lorie Cook-Benjamin

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