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Domestic, Dating and Sexual Violence Resources

Suffering from domestic, dating or sexual violence can be devastating, Sometimes you may feel that you are all alone and there is nowhere to go to get help.  It is important to take care of yourself and get the help you need to deal with the pain of abuse.  There are many agencies and organizations that can provide support.  Please remember, if you think for any reason you need to get help, contact the Kelly Center.

Campus, Local and National Resources for Domestic, Dating and Sexual Violence

Jana's Campaign Link

Partnering with other advocates, victims, the criminal justice system and lawmakers, Jana’s Campaign seeks to reduce and respond to domestic violence by pursuing a dual strategy. First, through public awareness related activities, the campaign encourages thousands of ordinary citizens to get actively involved in this serious issue. Secondly, Jana’s Campaign advocates focus on the key issues of prevention and education, intervention programs, and public policy advocacy. 
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