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Kaplan Nursing Admission Test (KNAT) Information

If you are applying to the FHSU Nursing Department undergraduate studies program, you will be required to take the Kaplan Nursing Admission Test (KNAT). The KNAT helps the Nursing Department evaluate your academic skills.

Scheduling an Appointment

Testing Services administers the KNAT by appointment. To schedule an appointment or get additional information on test requirements, fees and policies, please contact our office.  We recommend that you contact us at least two weeks prior to a preferred test date. For optimum scheduling availability, you are encouraged to take the test well in advance of the FHSU Department of Nursing application deadline.  Please note that NET testing at FHSU is available only to applicants to the FHSU Nursing program.

Overview of the Test

The KNAT is a computer-based test that consists of 4 sections with a total of 91 questions.

  • Reading--22 questions; time allotted 45 minutes. 
    Candidates read four passages and answer questions that measure the essential skills required for reading: determining the logic of a passage, comprehending details, drawing basic inferences, and identifying the purpose of a passage.
  • Math--28 questions; time allotted 45 minutes.
    The test measures the candidate’s ability to apply mathematical principles in the following areas: conversions, operations, ratios, and word problems.
  • Writing--21 questions; time allotted 45 minutes.
    Candidates read nine passages and answer questions that measure the essential skills required for writing: assessing passage development, assessing paragraph logic, and assessing mechanics of writing.
  • Science--20 questions; time allotted 30 minutes.
    The test measures the candidate’s knowledge of physiology in the following areas: cardiovascular system, electrolytes, gastrointestinal system, immune system, neurology, renal system, hematological system, homeostasis, respiratory system, and sensory system.

The total test time is 2 hours, 45 minutes. You should expect the test appointment to last approximately 3 hours (check-in, administrative procedures, testing time, review of scores, etc.).

What to Bring to the Test Appointment

You must be referred for testing by your FHSU Nursing Department advisor. Your advisor will complete, sign and provide you with a "Kaplan Nursing Admission Test (KNAT) Information and Referral Form." You must bring the signed referral form, current government-issued photo identification (e.g. driver's license, passport, state identification card) and the required test administration fee to your test appointment.

The signed KNAT Information and Referral Form expires 90 days after it has been signed by your FHSU Nursing Department advisor.

Score Information

Minimum score requirements are established by the FHSU Nursing Department. Please contact your advisor to get information on required scores and interpretation of your results.

Official Score Results

At the end of your test, your results will be presented on the computer screen. The Testing Coordinator will give you a printed copy of the score results. Additional, Testing Services will forward a printed copy of your results to the FHSU Nursing Department. It is your responsibility to ensure that your FHSU Nursing Department application file is complete.

Retaking the KNAT

If you do not achieve the required score, you must contact your Nursing Department advisor to be referred for testing again. You are required to bring a new "Kaplan Nursing Admission Test (KNAT) Information and Referral Form" with you to your retake test appointment. You are also required to bring your government-issued photo identification and the required test administration fee.

Preparing for the Test

If you would like to prepare for the KNAT, Kaplan has developed a preparatory book titled Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exams. This book is available on

Additionally, you can get help with test-taking skills by contacting Kelly Center Academic Success Programs.

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