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Retail Walk-Through Evaluation

What Is a Retail Walk-through Evaluation?
The Retail Walk-through Evaluation is a special program of the FHSU Kansas Small Business Development Center (KSBDC), where consultants help improve your sales environment by touring your retail business and making suggestion for improvement. A list of "best practices" is reviewed and consultants will provide feedback on the positive aspects of your retail space as well as a list of ideas you can implement to improve your retail setting.

Who can have a Walk-through done?
Any retail business in the 21 counties of northwest Kansas is eligible to request a Retail Walk-through Evaluation. The KSBDC works with chambers of commerce, economic development offices and main street organizations to coordinate a full day of walk-throughs in your community.

What is the cost?
There is no cost for the KSBDC to provide the Retail Walk-through Evaluation. In requesting a walk-through, you will become a "client" and complete a form requesting the service. At the end of each calendar year, the KSBDC collects information on sales, employees and loan/equity injection amounts of each client business, so providing the information is the only requirement on your part.

What will I get as a result of the walk-through?
The KSBDC consultants will provide a detailed report in a confidential letter to you. You will receive feedback that will allow you to re-evaluate some areas of your retail setting as well as have reassurance that you are providing the best possible retail environment at those things in which you excel.

What specifically will be evaluated?
Merchandising, displays, signage, floor plan & layout, internal and external infrastructure, environment, and visual marketing techniques will be reviewed. Consultants also observe cleanliness, employee attire, attitude, as well as pricing and loss prevention measures. A checklist utilized in the walk-through is available on the KSBDC web site at www.fhsu.edu/ksbdc.

What types of retail settings have requested Retail Walk-through Evaluations?
Antique stores, banks, appliance stores, car dealerships, clothing stores, convenience stores, drug stores, gift/flower shops, jewelry stores, pet shops, variety stores, veterinary clinics, greenhouses, etc. Any retail setting qualifies for a Retail walk-through Evaluation.

Are there other services that the KSBDC can provide to help my business?
One-on-one consulting on any area of business management can be requested, as well as in-house training seminars for your staff. They offer a Secret Shopper Program, to evaluate your customer care and in-store activities/atmosphere. The Business Wellness-Check up is also a program that provides an in-depth look at your business management techniques and provides a comprehensive listing of best practices and recommendations for improvement to improve the bottom line. For more information on any of these services, contact your local chamber, ED office or the KSBDC directly at (785) 628-5615, fax (785) 628-4163, or email ksbdc@fhsu.edu. Find more information on the web site at www. fhsu.edu/ksbdc.


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