Keynote Session

Listening For and Helping to Create a Life Worth Living

Bradley P. Burnett, B.S., J.D., LL.M.
Native Kansan
Father of Miles who died in 2007 shortly before his 22nd birthday

If someone in your life was feeling depressed, even suicidal, would you know what to say? Like most of us, Brad realized he did not know how to help his son Miles. Since Miles’ death, Brad has dedicated his life to suicide prevention. He has immersed himself in learning about suicide and how to help someone who is struggling. In addition to helping people who come into his life, he also helps others learn how to help.

Brad's presentation merges suicide prevention skills, mental health-oriented technology and corporate leadership technology to empower others to help. Audience members will learn how to meet a struggling person in the moment, in their shoes, and to listen for and mirror reasons why their life is worth living.

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