Why Have a Psych Investigators (PI's) Learning Community

The Psych Investigators learning community is ideal for freshmen who are planning to major or minor in psychology. However, students who are undecided or considering a degree in psychology are welcome as well. In the Department of Psychology, faculty and students like to see themselves as investigators of the human mind.  This learning community hopes to equip students with the tools needed to conduct thorough investigations about how humans think, feel, and act, whether their behavior is interestingly usual or disturbingly unusual. These tools will be taught in classes that participants in the Psych Investigators learning community take together. 

Additionally, if you participate in the PIs learning community, you will also spend time getting to know all the faculty in the department over the course of the year, whether you have a class with them or not.  In this way, you can learn more about the discipline early on in your degree program, discover the right faculty mentor for you and build lasting relationships with students and faculty alike.


 Common Courses in the PI's Learning Community

Fall 2011
In the Fall semester, you’ll take three classes with fellow PI members:

  • Scientific Literacy in Psychology – In this class, you learn investigative tools in psychology: for example, how to understand and critique psychology research so you can use it in your investigations, and how to write reports like a psychologist.
  • Psychology as a Discipline – You will explore the many career options in psychology and related fields, including what you need to be doing now to make sure you can pursue the career of your choice in the future.
  • Introduction to Sociology – If psychology examines the individual within a society, the field of sociology looks at how societies function.  Your community will take this course together to provide you will another tool to understand human interactions.

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