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Fall 2007 LDRS 310 Projects:

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F.N.I.T: FHSU Neighborhood Improvement Team

Team Members: Brandon Gariner, Garrett Rolland, Cade Owens, Justin Dallmann
Mission Statement: The purpose is to lay the foundation for a sustainable solution addressing the FHSU neighborhood.

TCFL: Trego County's Future Leaders

Team Members: Jeremy Dorzweiler, Nathan Ediger, Diane Hawpe, Cameron Lippert, Stacy Ward
Mission Statement: Trego County’s Future Leaders intends to implement a school-based mentoring program for the students and families of Trego County.

American Red Cross Club of FHSU

Team Members: Jason Augustine, Josh Dreher, Dustin Fross, Leslie Godfrey, Sheena Snider
Mission Statement: Our mission is to promote the American Red Cross and its objectives by organizing a campus chapter at Fort Hays State University. This chapter will help to increase volunteers as well as the number of people CPR and First Aid certified in Ellis County.

Chester's Grillzes

Team Members: Savannah Hornung, Lauren Weiser, Nora Prieto, Heather Dearden
Mission Statement: The mission of Chester’s Grillzes is to help the Chestnut Street District grow and shine from support of the community.

Plainville's Bigs in Schools

Team Members: Tracy Bohnert, Heath Klein, Koryn Nordquist, Scott Schmidt, Heather Suppes
Mission Statement: Our mission is to improve the lives of children by implementing a “Bigs in Schools” program in Plainville.

BB/BS Russell County Leadership Team

Team Members: Joseph Cotton, Nathan Garrison, Stefania Hronn, Shanda Beard
Mission Statement: Our team is working to revitalize the BBBS program in Russell County. We hope to set in place a school mentoring program that will allow troubled youth the opportunity to have something positive in their lives.

Operation Tigers for Troops

Team Members: Ashley Knoll, Brandon Nichols, Diana Ohl, Sara Rohleder, Laura Way
Mission Statement: The mission of Operation Tigers for Troops is to raise awareness for the needed support of our troops overseas. We are letting the troops know that the population of the United State is supporting them.

A New Leash On Life

Team Members: Wesley Bacon, Jennifer Dipman, Derek Mayfield, Scott Simmons, Cord Sprague
Mission Statement: Leash On Life’s mission is to help create awareness regarding pet overpopulation and create ways to solve the issue of low pet adoption by working with the Humane Society of the High Plains.

Ben Franklin Papers

Team Members: Ann Brungardt, Molly Denning, Jason Henrickson, Ernie Pfeifer III
Mission Statement: Our mission is to get the Ben Franklin Papers made available to as many people as possible.
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