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Fall 2011 LDRS 310 Projects:

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FHSU Movember 2011

Team Members: Haley Crosier, Chelsey Jones, Tori North, Regan Ochs, Seth Ritter, Madison Shoemaker
Mission Statement: FHSU Movember 2011 will work to advocate men's health issues by raising awareness and funds with the campus community. Watch the FHSU Movember presentation.   

Fire Hydrant Coding Project

Team Members: Jacob Crossman, Jamie Crawford, Kyra Horesky, Luke Kordsmier
Mission Statement: To provide state of the art coding tactics, enabling the local fire department personnel to enhance emergency response capabilities. Watch the Fire Hydrant Coding presentation.  

Team Revitalization

Team Members: Gretchen Thyfault
Mission Statement: Team Revitalization's mission is to serve the Hays community and surrounding areas by helping Western Plains Animal Refuge get off the ground once again. Watch the Team Revitalization presentation.  

Know Your Options

Team Members: Michael Iman, Coree Linker, Kyle Lynch, Brianna Watkins, Anna Weber
Mission Statement: Know You Options seeks to increase awareness of the severity of sexual and domestic violence around the community of Hays, and surrounding areas. Know Your Options wants people to know there are options for help in times of crisis. As a group, we plan to gather and increase support from community members in raising funds and materials needed for the Options Shelter. Watch the Know Your Options presentation.

4-H 4-All

Team Members: Jared Hall, Jackie McKune, Shelly Vandiver, Stephen MacIntyer, Candice Wagstrom
Mission Statement: 4-H 4-All is putting together an event that will promote 4H to all students. We want to correct the stereotype that 4H is only about agriculture so that families and kids of all backgrounds and interests feel welcome to participate. Watch the 4-H 4-All presentation. 

Get Out! Get Active!

Team Members: Ashley Turpin, Tsai, Yi Ting (Christy), Lin, Li Ying (Leona), Peyton Nelson,
Mission Statement: This is a program that needs to be started to get people out and motivated to engage in physical activity. The purpose of this program will be to create a network of people that will be willing to give out their name and phone number or email, so that others can contact them in order to go do physical activities. Watch the Get Out! Get Active! presentation.

Team J.T. (Big Brothers Big Sisters)

Team Members: Kelsie Dinkel, Austin Dreiling, Laura Dougherty, Jessica Elsen, Heidi Fieler, Brian Kitchen, Jennifer Verhagen
Mission Statement: The purpose of Team J.T. is to promote and raise awareness for Big Brothers Big Sisters and to encourage youth to participate in outdoor activities by planning and integrating the Big Brothers Big Sisters J.T. VonLintel Outdoor Mentoring Program into our community to better serve and satisfy the Ellis County Public and its children. Watch the Big Brothers Big Sisters presentation.

Ellis Walking Trail

Team Members: Brenda Lenker, Dean Koehn, Derek Edwards, Jarrod Temple, Will Habiger
Mission Statement: The purpose of the Ellis Walking Trail is to encourage growth and development and promote healthy living in the community of Ellis, Kansas. By creating an innovative strategic plan and sitimulating citizen involvement, the Ellis Alliance & FHSU Leaders Partnership will effectively ensure sustailability within the city of Ellis. Watch the Ellis Walking Trail presentation.
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