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Fall 2013 LDRS 310 Projects:

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Below the Line

Team Members: Alyssa Peppiatt, Brenna Johnson, Kelsie Erlenbusch, Michaela Sasse, Nate Holland
Mission Statement: The mission of Below the Line is to increase poverty awareness by holding numerous events throughout Poverty Week in order to enhance both the community members and students' understanding of poverty and its effects.

Black Mark Coalition

Team Members: Stefan Gildemeister, Tyler Wedel, Erin Carroll, Cristy Kang
Mission Statement: The mission of the Black Mark Coalition is to educate college students about the consequences of fake IDs and create awareness in the community in an effort to reduce underage drinking.

Water for the Heartland

Team Members: Morgan Belveal, Maureen Duffy, Alex Murihead, Gustavo Reyes, Katlin Senst, Olivia Soukup, Jackie Yin
Mission Statement: To assist the leaders of Ellis, Kansas in providing public education about the city's water supply, and to instill lifelong habits to conserve water.

EPL Development Team

Team Members: Emily Barnett, Shayna Winkel, Tyler Hayes, Michael Goodrow
Mission Statement: The mission of EPL Developmental Team is to improve the Ellis Public Library by providing the demographic information necessary to achieve greater funding for the library to promote a stronger community presence.

From Field to Family

Team Members: Kirk Woodruff, Greg List, Geoffrey Whisman, Jade Meinzer, Randy Sheffield
Mission Statement: To educate our society how they're connected to agriculture and ways they can play a key role in the promotion and knowledge of agriculture today.

In the Name of Love: The Art of Jana Coalition

Team Members: Rachel Linch, Shelbi Wiles, Holly Weiss, Lindsey Cooper, Julie Sperfslage, Maggie Jiang
Mission Statement: The Art of Jana's mission is to raise awareness throughout Kansas of gender-based violence through art created by world-wide survivors.

Littles on the Land

Team Members: Matt Westerhaus, Alesha Stroh, Mariah Stortzum, Shiney Yang, Jane Fan, Kylee Fall
Mission Statement: The mission of Littles on the Land is to develop an event for Big Brothers Big Sisters and the J.T. VonLintel Outdoor Mentoring Program focusing on geocaching to promote membership and to introduce littles to the benefits of the outdoors.

Muttly Crue

Team Member: Ali Sedbrook, Blake Studer, Kayce Dreiling, Elizabeth Scherbarth, Siyu (Ruby) Chen
Mission Statement: The mission of the Muttly Crue is to raise awareness and funds for the Western Plains Animal Shelter by fundraising and holding events throughout the community and campus in order to provide better shelter and outreach services for the animals.

Mystery Masquerade Bash

Team Members: Orlando Garcia, Jamie Sproul, Dominique Davis, Rex Zhang, Brent Garren, Josh Chartier
Mission Statement: Our mission is to assist the social/networking committee with laying the foundation for annual events to help promote retention, and boost membership recruitment in Hays Area Young Professionals.

Walter P. Chrysler Writing Contest

Team Members: Zachary McClure, Chandra Devine, Rebecca Kohl, Christin Borchers
Mission Statement: The mission of the Chrysler Coalition is to create and sustain an essay contest for 4th grade students promoting the Walter P. Chrysler Boyhood Home and Museum in conjunction with the Ellis Alliance.
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