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Spring 2001 LDRS 310 Projects:

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Hike and Bike Trail

Team Members: Lori Augustine, Nicole Beilman, Ben Bollig, Anna Beth Vap, Marty Windholz, Andy White
Mission Statement: As a task force, we hope to provide and assist the city of Hays in the collection of information and planning for a hike and bike trail in the city. In the long run, we hope to aid in the final creation of a concrete trail that citizens of Hays and outlying towns can utilize.

SHARKY’S: Students of Hays Are Rescuing Kansas Youth

Team Members: Jason Cline, Denise Heeke, Tracy Kramer, Alicia Lock, Jake Marintzer
Mission Statement: The mission of SHARKY’S is to provide an environment where kids from Northwest Kansas can relax and have fun. Sharky’s will be a place where kids will go to escape the troubles of everyday life.

Generation X: “Remembering the Forgotten”

Team Members: Justin Baalmann, Kim Blain, Melissa Hafner, Amanda Hageman, Stephen Kency
Mission Statement: Our mission is to get into the nursing homes in our community and give the elderly the attention they want and need. We are going to provide the residents with a day of fun and recognition through the use of live youth entertainment and interactive activities.

Wooster Place Playground Revitalization Task Force

Team Members: Amy Bilbrey, Michele Hart, Jon Morris, Aaron Rohr, Sabrina William, Janet Zimmerman
Mission Statement: The mission of the Wooster Playground Task Force is to provide a safer more appealing environment for the residents of the Wooster apartments by improving the overall quality of the grounds surrounding the buildings by upgrading and implementing new and safer playground equipment, and by beautifying the surrounding landscape.

Angry Students Against Poor Parking

Team Members: Rachel Cook, Shanna Dirks, Jonathan Haines, Aaron Lampert, Janea VanCamp
Mission Statement: This task force envisions a university where parking is more abundant, convenient, and more accessible. By having the new shuttle bus system in place by recruitment season, this would allow the University to advertise themselves as an accessible and convenient college to attend.

P.A.W.: Pet Advocate Workshop

Team Members: Alicia Brauer, Kristen Fellhoelter, Joseph Jackson, Nicholas McGuirk
Mission Statement: We are a group of citizens advocating pets, their owners, and the relationships between the two.


Team Members: Kelly Braun, Shanna Dirks, Andrea Dreher, Brandon Meyer, Josh Schwicherath, Janea Van Camp
Mission Statement: The vision of the WOO2K1 Task Force is to implement a 3 Step Plan during the Spring 2001 Semester at Fort Hays State University. First we want to reestablish a Wooster Place Committee, made up of professors, single parents, married couples, and non-traditional students. Second, we want to compile a list of easy low-cost things that need addressed in each apartment and then work to see that each item is taken care of by the end of the semester. Third, we want to continue the process of public awareness and work towards getting closer to the actual complete renovation of the Wooster Place Apartments.

Flex Group

Team Members: Justin Brobst, Dustin Herrs, Kara Kastens, Sara Reese, Trevor Stapp
Mission Statement: The mission of the new addition to Cunningham Hall is to provide a safe and fun atmosphere to exercise for all the students, faculty, and community members of Hays, KS.

Tiger Prints

Team Members: Kim Blain, Joey Casad, Curtis Emberton, Lauren Frank, Amanda Kraft
Mission Statement: The mission of Tiger Prints is to provide a friendlier environment to the students and faculty of Fort Hays State University in which to buy books and hang out.

I.T.D.D.: Information and Technology Distribution Department

Team Members: Holly Dealy, Elizabeth Eberle, Tessa Ehlers, Thomas Hatfield, Clint Herl, Michelle Joy, Cody Leitner, Meredith Palmer, Ryan Roberts, Preston Trilck, Jennifer Younger
Mission Statement: I.T.D.D. will provide the Fort Hays State University community access to the vital hardware and information needed to enhance the technology for the university and beyond.

Downtown Hays Marketing Team

Team Members: Joey Casad, Jason Cline, Joe Jackson, Ryan Roberts
Mission Statement: The main task at hand is to revitalize the once prosperous downtown area of Hays, KS into the thriving community that it once was. In order to accomplish this, remodeling of the old, run-down buildings is taking place. Funding must be found in the community and surrounding area to supplement the growing needs of this project. In order for this to happen, marketing must become a vital role of this project.
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