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Spring 2002 LDRS 310 Projects:

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Reaching Out to Achieve a Difference: Executive Leadership Conference

Team Members: Tom Hatfield, Sarah Huslig, Meredith Palmer
Mission Statement: Our mission is to develop a way for Fort Hays State University to educate alumni and friends of the University on the growing and changing ways of leadership within the business world.

A.C.E.: Activity Coordinating Engineers

Team Members: Karrie Clawson, Nicole Hammerschmidt, Katie Rech, Alisha Renberger
Mission Statement: A major problem is trying to attract individuals from Hays, surrounding communities, and out of town visitors to downtown Hays. Holding activities and events downtown would be an excellent solution to attract more foot traffic to Hays, and to bring everyone together at least once a month, if not more. The Chestnut Street District’s Spring Block Party would include special events such as a performance by a local singing group, a movie playing, a 1 st Annual Hays Fun Run/Walk, a children’s carnival, a Pet Parade, and speakers to listen to. The Spring Block Party would be an opportunity for all people to enjoy and participate in a variety of events.

The Recruiters: Big Brothers Big Sisters

Team Members: Chris Affholder, Kayla Amerin, Lindsey Boyer, E.J. Ochs, Shawn Smith
Mission Statement: Our vision is to have a positive impact on children’s lives by changing our community one child at a time and to have 25 new applications into the office by the beginning of May.

Team S.O.C.I.A.L. (Students Organizing Community Involvement And Leadership): Children’s Carnival

Team Members: Garrett Brening, Chad Butler, Amber Cunningham, Mindy Knopp, Kristi Reif
Mission Statement: Team S.O.C.I.A.L. would like to contribute to the Hays Community by allowing college, high school, and elementary students to interact together at a community event, while raising non-perishable food items for the Community Assistance Center and St. Joseph’s Food Pantry.

Ellis Railroad Development

Team Members: Brandon Baugh, Lauren Frank, Nicole Long, Marla McDonough
Mission Statement: As a team we hope to work with the community to improve and further develop the railroad track area to make Ellis a more desirable attraction point by connecting and uniting the two sides of the town. Though we know we might not be able to finish this project within the designated time, we hope to have all the steps completed in order to begin implementation. Our mission is “Uniting two sides to form one community.”

“The Sixth Man” & “The Recruiters”

Team Members: Tony Crough, Nancy Jeter, Brad Schwarz, Nathan Ternes, Chris Affholder, Kayla Amerin, Lindsey Boyer, E.J. Ochs, Shawn Smith
Mission Statement: The mission was to work with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ellis County to increase the number of mentors for children in Ellis County in need of positive adult role models and to devise a plan for expansion of funding initiatives and improvement of current projects.

The Wrecking Crew: Success Factors and Cautions of Other Downtown Development Districts

Team Members: Chris Affholder, Kayla Amerin, Brian Cole, Nancy Jeter, Terence Siebert
Mission Statement: Our mission was to research other communities with flourishing downtown districts to discover definable success factors, obstacles to be overcome, cautions to be avoided, and transferable knowledge.

Three Gals and a Guy

Team Members: Justin Greenleaf, Lexy Huncovsky, Emilee Kaiser, Lindsay Ronnau
Mission Statement: Three Gals and a Guy have set out to engage more people effectively in volunteer service to help solve serious social issues within Ellis County. Our goal is raising public awareness and support for the urgent need to solve these problems. In order to do this we will need to connect people with the opportunity to serve, build the capacity for effective local volunteerism, promote volunteerism, and to participate in strategic initiatives that mobilize volunteers to want to join in.

Habitat for Humanity

Team Members: Kylee Colson, Daron Jamison, Brenda Lager, Tara Romme, Andrew Trapp
Mission Statement: We wish to bring to the Hays community and Fort Hays State University campus a local chapter of Habitat for Humanity, which we feel is much needed. The establishment of this organization would help increase awareness and build a spirit of unity within the community, while also contributing to the needs of the less fortunate within the area by providing a more adequate amount of low cost housing.
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