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Spring 2003 LDRS 310 Projects:

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Team Members: Tammy Gerhardt,Justin Greenleaf,Delane Poovey,Joni Soukup,Debbie Stoppel
Mission Statement: We have found three problems concerning the success of Youth Friends. The first problem is funding. Secondly, awareness must be heightened within the Hays community if the Youth Friends program is going to succeed. Finally, a formal way to recognize volunteer’s accomplishments must be organized.

Ft. Hays State Collaborators

Team Members: Beth Dorrell,Robin Simmer,Tanya Walker
Mission Statement: Our mission as Ft. Hays Collaborators is to work in a partnership with Fort Hays State University to improve campus’ traffic issues and safety hazards located at the intersection of College Drive and South Campus Drive.

Shootin Blanks, Shoot to Win

Team Members: Patrick Burnett,Keith Goentzel,Darrick Kimbrel,Eric Molleker,Cole Nondorf
Mission Statement: The mission of group Shootin Blanks is to research problems and issues associated with accessible parking near the dorms at Fort Hays State University and to create a solution resolving the problem.

Youth Voice Committee

Team Members: Bethany Dorrell,Lexy Huncovsky,Kala Mounday,Lindsay Ronnau,Robin Simmer,Tanya Walker
Mission Statement: Our mission as the YouthVoice Committee is to work in a partnership with the Adult Advisory Board to involve the youth of Hays in leadership. We will also address issues which aid in establishing stronger relationships between youth and society. To further assist the Adult Advisory Board the YouthVoice Committee will stress the importance of youth involvement by planning and participating in an annual YouthVoice Summit.

Heroes for Kids: Mutually Assisting Children of Kansas

Team Members: Kevin Koenke,Ashley Latham,Shaun Linenberger,Clint Myers,Mike Simmons
Mission Statement: As a coalition of Fort Hays State University students, we are implementing a program to benefit the at-risk children of Ellis County.

The Critics

Team Members: Patrick Burnett,Michelle McGinnis,Michelle Mize,Cole Norndorf,Rex Tuttle
Mission Statement: The FOX Theatre is a nostalgic landmark that has been a part of the Hays community for 53 years. The building is currently vacant, but there is a lot of community interest in preserving it.

Frontier Park Renovation: The Next Frontier

Team Members: Carmen FowlerRyan GierNick HulstineBobby MatterAaron Muth
Mission Statement: The purpose of this task force is to revitalize Frontier Park to outfit the surrounding communities and create an area where families, groups, and the community will gather.

ViCOT: Virtual College Organized Taskforce

Team Members: Brett Aten,Kari Leisher,Aaron Pratt,Veronica Reynolds,Michael Zimmerman
Mission Statement: Through the expansion of Fort Hays State University, we have found that there are many possibilities along with many road blocks in completing the expansion. Our group has focused on the expansion of the Virtual College. In this expansion, we hope to make the Virtual College an almost separate entity from the college, but in general Fort Hays State University will always act as one unit. With this in mind, we plan to focus on the funding for the new building, bringing in more instructors and students, forming partnerships with other companies, and also forming partnerships with other schools.

Sports Entertainment of the Midwest

Team Members: Hanna Casad,Austin Rohr,Kelli Ubelaker,Lindsey Zimmerman
Mission Statement: It is our mission to provide several diverse recreational activities to the city of Hays and surrounding communities. Activities will be designed for all-ages and promise to be set in a fun-filled atmosphere.
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