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Spring 2005 LDRS 310 Projects:

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Wild West Festival Marketing Crew

Team Members: Chad Befort, Sara Boggs, Jake Danner, Katie Joy
Mission Statement: The Wild West Festival Marketing Crew will team up with the Wild West Festival Committee to increase ticket sales for 18 – 30 year olds and to get more student organizations involved with the festival. We are hoping that the organizations volunteer their time and get involved with a booth to fundraise for their organization.

Heroes for Kids: Helping Serve Kids For Hope

Team Members: Sara Feldt, Megan Hawks, Stephanie Haynes, Seth Kastle, Megan Smith
Mission Statement: The purpose of Helping Serve Kids For Hope is to provide a positive environment for the at-risk children of Ellis County through interaction with various community heroes.

L.E.D.: Leaders in Economic Development

Team Members: Kendra Alton, Cassandra Blau, Carver Ostmeyer, Clifford Rollins, Paul Torres
Mission Statement: The purpose of our project is to help encourage and promote businesses in Hays, Kansas by conducting surveys around the community to find out what services are desired by local residents. We will then tabulate our results and distribute them around the community and to potential businesses to help promote economic development in Hays.

Inordinate Involvement

Team Members: Mandy Bronaugh, Heidi Clayton, Patty Denning, Jordyn Sander, Katie Weigel
Mission Statement: The purpose of Inordinate Involvement is to recruit Big Brothers and Little Sisters for Big Brothers Big Sisters in order to better serve the community of Ellis County.

Home-Run Heroes

Team Members: Leah Beilman, Mike Delisi, Scott Fickler, Chris Hoss, Scott O’Hara, Aaron Skaggs
Mission Statement: Our vision for this organization is to create an annual softball tournament in Hays that allows all members of the community to participate and play for a good cause, with all proceeds raised benefiting the local First Call for Help organization. This organization needs an annual fundraiser that they will be known for; one that will financially support the assistance that they provide on a daily basis to needy members of the community.


Team Members: Lindsay Hager, Kayla Harry, Brianna Jamison, Andrea Piland, Kyle William
Mission Statement: Our mission is to raise the public awareness and break the stigma of what mental illness is. In order to do this, we will work with the NAMI organization to make the walk a great success.

The Ellis County Fairgrounds Beautification and Renovation Project

Team Members: Kirsten Adams, Cody Burger, Chandra Hake, Dustin Myers, Sarah Osborn, Deb Taylor
Mission Statement: The purpose of KCCDDS Consulting, Inc. is to determine the best course of action for improving the facilities and grounds at the Ellis County Fairgrounds. The focus of our efforts will be on community involvement, service-learning opportunities, and creating a family-centered environment for the Ellis County area.

Operation Exploration

Team Members: Lesley Craig, Kayla Harry, Justin Herl, Jeff Schaffer
Mission Statement: Realizing the lack of structured summer entertainment for the children of Hays, we the Team Operation Exploration aspire to provide a week-long series of activities to further their education through innovative experiences within their own community.

ZHROK Planning Commission: “Golf on the Fly”

Team Members: John Hauck, Jordan Kelsey, Kyle Ochs, DJ Rebel, Jesse Zimmerman
Mission Statement: The purpose of this planning commission is to create a fun and challenging Frisbee golf course that would provide FHSU students, FHSU faculty, and community members with hours of entertainment and interaction.

Improvement of FHSU Campus Parking

Team Members: Chelsea Hunt, Jason Reese, Julie Ruggiero, Derrick Weigel, Brett Whitaker
Mission Statement: Our group’s purpose is to eliminate parking congestion on and near campus to benefit students, faculty, staff, and the community.

Armed Forces Memoria

Team Members: Joe Deneke, Dustin Hickert, Carrie McMillen, Linda O’Neal, Travis Plummer, Brandon Weigel
Mission Statement: Our purpose is to erect a Veteran’s memorial on Fort Hays State University’s campus honoring men and women of the armed forces.

Take it Outside: Committee for a Smoke-Free Environment

Team Members: Trapper Buettgenbach, Mike Cutting, Kayla Patterson, Tyler Paulson, Sarah Piper
Mission Statement: We exist to preserve the health of the citizens of Hays. Our goal is to place a city-wide ban on smoking in all alcohol-serving establishments.

STD Awareness: American Social Health Association

Team Members: Kaci Davignon, Lindsay Hager, Katrina Hoffman, Blake Lewis, Casey Richardson
Mission Statement: The purpose of this task group is to promote awareness and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases to students at Fort Hays State University, and to help raise funds for American Social Health Association so they can continue improving the health of individuals by focusing on preventing sexually transmitted diseases and their harmful consequences.

Cancer Council of Ellis County

Team Members: John Askins, Danee’ Atwell, Deanna Dechant, Lisa Nemnich, Sarah Panning, Daniel Timm
Mission Statement: Our Cancer Council Awareness Team of Fort Hays State University has been organized to host a softball tournament in an effort to raise awareness and increase available resources for the Cancer Council of Ellis County.

Team Works

Team Members: Katelin Brunson, Amber Franklin, Casey Garten, Allyson Plattner, Ernie Pfeifer, Jeff Runyon
Mission Statement: Team Works from Crisis Corporation is here to serve the Hays community by creating organizations that help strengthen the infrastructure of the community. We propose possible solutions to problems that pose a threat to the Hays community. Team Works from the Crisis Corporation is working on creating a youth center for the Hays area.
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