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Course Descriptions


* General Education Course
+ Course may be repeated
# Lab Required
PERM: Permission
PR: Pre-requisite

Courses for Undergraduate Credit

LDRS 120 Issues in Leadership: Students will explore behaviors and concepts related to a leadership topic of interest.

LDRS 300 Introduction to Leadership Concepts: This course will actively engage students in the acquisition of information about historical and contemporary theories, concepts, and issues associated with leadership. Students will be exposed to the nature of leadership through presentation of objective material, through group activities, and through laboratory exercises.

LDRS 302 Introduction to Leadership Behavior: An interdisciplinary course designed to introduce the student to the tasks, strategies, and skills of effective leadership. Course activities will move the student from theory to the practical processes of leadership. Basic concepts essential to personal skills development and organizational leadership behavior are included. Requisite Information: PR, LDRS 300 or PERM.

LDRS 306 (formerly 480) Leadership and Team Dynamics: Team building, teamwork, and team leading draws information from a wide variety of disciplines to introduce students to the ever important topic of teaming.

LDRS 310 Field Work in Leadership Studies: This interdisciplinary course is designed to provide the student with an awareness and understanding of current issues relating to the nature and tasks of collaborative leadership behavior. The student is asked to identify an issue or problem and practice leadership by developing and implementing a community project. Requisite Information: PR, LDRS 300, LDRS 302 or PERM.

LDRS 420 Women and Leadership: Current issues and trends of women and leadership will be examined from historical to contemporary and from social to personal perspectives. Requisite Information: Junior/Senior Standing or Permission

LDRS 450 Advanced Leadership Behaviors: The behaviors and skill necessary to be effective at doing leadership will be explored through both the leader and follower perspectives. Advanced influence, motivation, decision-making, conflict/ negotiation strategies and meeting management will be examined primarily in the interpersonal context. Course materials and activities will challenge students to connect theory to practice. Requisite Information: LDRS 300 - Non-Lab Pre-Requisite; LDRS 302 - Non-Lab Pre-Requisite; PR.; LDRS 300 and LDRS 302

LDRS 490 Topics in Leadership Studies: Courses will provide in-depth study of a particular topic in the study of leadership behavior. Course title and topic of study will be displayed in the class schedule.

LDRS 600 Seminar in Organizational Leadership: Students will conduct an in-depth examination of a particular topic in the study of organizational leadership. Course title and topic of the study will be displayed in the class schedule.

LDRS 640 Principles of Civic Leadership: This course is designed to provide the student with a deeper understanding of the major components and principles of civic leadership. Classroom activities examine the leadership process in the context of community and society. This approach encourages ordinary citizens to take responsibility, organize, and build coalitions for the purpose of effecting social change. Requisite Information: LDRS 300 - Non-Lab Pre-Requisite; LDRS 302 - Non-Lab Pre-Requisite; LDRS 310 - Non-Lab Pre-Requisite Permission Required: PR., LDRS 300, LDRS 302 & LDRS 310; or PERM

LDRS 650 Principles of Organizational Leadership: This course is designed to provide students with the basic principles and elements of the growing organizational leadership discipline. Leadership theories and behaviors are examined in the context of the modern organization. Requisite Information: LDRS 300 - Non-Lab Pre-Requisite; LDRS 302 - Non-Lab Pre-Requisite; PR, LDRS 300, LDRS 302, or PERM.

LDRS 651 Readings in Leadership Studies: Directed readings on a specific topic in leadership. Requisite Information: Permission Required

LDRS 670 Leadership and Personal Development: The focus of this course will be on you as the leader from an individual perspective. It will be an introduction to the principles and practices of positive interpersonal relationships for leadership development. The course will be based on each student's perception of their own life experiences that have helped them reach this level in their leadership development journey (Past), where they are now in that journey (Present), and their personal leadership goals (Future). Requisite Information: LDRS 302 - Non-Lab Pre-Requisite; PR., LDRS 302 or PERM.

LDRS 677 Internship in Leadership Studies: This course is designed for students in their final stage of the leadership studies field of emphasis. Activities include practical experience in an organization that will allow a student to exercise, observe, and appreciate leadership behavior. Requisite Information: PR., LDRS 300, LDRS 302, LDRS 310 or PERM.

Courses for Graduate Credit

LDRS 801 Theoretical Foundations of Leadership: The purpose of this course is to expose students to the large body of organizational leadership theory and research. Both historical and contemporary approaches will be examined in detail. Students will be required to analyze the research critically from both theoretical and empirical perspectives. Finally, course material will focus on organizational leadership in multiple contexts and levels of analysis (individual, team, organization and community).

LDRS 802 Organizational Systems, Change and Leadership: This class will challenge students to embrace a systems view of leadership and organizational change at the organizational level. Students will compare, contrast and critique both seminal and modern theories and models of organizational learning, knowledge creation, and organizational capacity building and apply them to their own organizational settings. The course will enhance student ability to think systematically and develop comprehensive understanding of core competencies required to initiate and sustain change in organizations.

LDRS 807 Leadership in Teams and Collaborative Environments: This course examines the leadership process in the context of team and group dynamics. It investigates process and content issues of team building, interpersonal and group relations, and effective problem solving and decision making skills in collaborative environments. The course places particular emphasis on the relationship between teams within business organizations and external constituents.

LDRS 810 Qualitative Research Methods: This course will give students an understanding of the scientific method and its application to qualitative research. Students will develop a research question, collect and analyze data and develop conclusions for qualitative methods. Students will explore appropriate means to present and disseminate the research in order to help organizations and communities to make accurate and informed decisions. Requisite Information: PR., LDRS 801: Theoretical Foundations of Leadership.

LDRS 811 Organizational Intervention Strategies: Students will apply leadership concepts and assessment techniques to the design, delivery and analysis of leadership development interventions. Students will develop practical applications to leadership development programs on individual, unit and organizational levels. Requisite Information: PR., LDRS 810: Qualitative Research Methods

LDRS 812 Advanced Leadership Theories: An advanced course required of students completing the organizational leadership concentration in the MLS program. This course is offered to students that have excelled in the core classes and other organizational leadership courses, thus this course is designed as a capstone educational opportunity. The expectations are stringent, but the rewards are obvious - you will learn much more about where leadership comes from. This course, unlike others you have had, will challenge you to gain depth of knowledge in leadership theory by looking at the original works of leadership theorists. We can only truly know where to go if we have an understanding of where we have come from. Requisite Information: Graduate Standing PR., Graduate Standing.

LDRS 818 Ethical Leadership This course develops a framework for ethical thinking and reflection. The course emphasizes the moral, ethical and social responsibilities of organizational leaders, as well as the application of principles to organizational leadership behavior and decision-making. Students will also investigate current research trends regarding ethical issues in business and other organizational contexts.

LDRS 870 Readings in Organizational Leadership: Students will develop a research question, intensively review selected readings and critical research to provide a foundation for answering this question, and then provide implications addressing the material reviewed. The instructor and students will agree upon the research question and develop a plan creating a basis for answering the question and providing recommendations for further review.

LDRS 880 Seminar in Organizational Leadership: Ethical Leadership: Students will conduct an in-depth examination of a particular topic in the study of organizational leadership. Course title and topic of the study will be displayed in the class schedule.

LDRS 890 Internship in Organizational Leadership: This course is designed for students in their final stages of the Master of Liberal Studies program. Activities include practical experience in an organization which will allow the student to participate in a meaningful leadership experience.

LDRS 895 Research Project in Organizational Leadership: This course is an individual study of a selected problem relating to leadership theory, organizational leadership, leadership development or leadership education.

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