Known Problems You may encounter a few issues with Blackboard as you use it. This page lists the issues we're aware of and their status. We encourage you to look through the tabs to find any issues you may be experiencing.

Blackboard Known Issues


Exam will automatically be submitted if students left Exam accidentally.
Record from Webcam: End of Support for YouTube Webcam Recording.
Blackboard does not function properly with Internet Explorer web browser.
Can't open E- book inside of Blackboard (Library Proxy issue).
Google has disabled NPAPI plugin protocol support in Chrome 42 by default
with plans to completely remove NPAPI support in September 2015.
Bb is responding slow for COX Internet Service Provider Clients
Copy/Paste in the text editor
HTML Embedded content
External links in Blackboard
Horizontal Scroll bar missing in the Grade Center (Mac users only):
Safe Assign Error : Some users get this error: "Not Logged In SafeAssign"
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