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Collection Management

General Collection:

Forsyth Library needs your help to maintain a balanced, relevant and accessible collection.
Why is collection analysis and weeding important?
Our goal is to provide a balanced, relevant, and accessible collection of materials across multiple formats in order to support the educational and research needs of University Students and Faculty. Library staff needs your help to identify materials that no longer fit within the current educational and research needs of FHSU Students & Faculty.
Outdated and physically-worn books can stand as physical and intellectual barriers to students trying to access information. Providing students with books that contain outdated and no longer relevant information may also become a detriment to their education.
How do we decide what to keep and what to weed?
Library Staff have identified materials to be weeded from the collection, using carefully selected criteria:

  • Is the material no longer relevant to FHSU curriculum?
  • Does the material show low or no usage over a period of 6 years?
  • Does a later/more current edition of the material exist?
  • Is print material in poor physical condition? (Replacement may be necessary)

We are asking for Faculty/Staff input to identify which materials may hold relevance to current curricular needs and add value to the collection despite meeting the above criteria. Your expertise and unique perspective in your subject-areas are critical to the continuing development of a strong library collection.
The Forsyth Library Collection Management page can be accessed here:
A list of titles within a selected subject area will be posted under the “General Collection” tab for a review period of three (3) weeks. During this time we invite Faculty input regarding which of the posted titles should be retained in the library collection. Library staff will then withdraw any titles that have not been identified for retention or replacement. Once the items have been withdrawn, Faculty will be invited to the Library and given the opportunity to browse the withdrawn titles and remove them for departmental and/or personal use.
Please visit the Collection Management page ( for an in-depth discussion of our analysis process and to see the first list of items for review.

The staff at Forsyth Library appreciates your input during this process.

Rachel R. Newbury, M.L.S,

Acquisitions & Cataloging Librarian

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