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Collection Management

General Collection:

Forsyth Library needs your help to maintain a balanced, relevant and accessible collection.
Why is collection analysis and weeding important?
Our goal is to provide a balanced, relevant, and accessible collection of materials across multiple formats in order to support the educational and research needs of University Students and Faculty. Library staff needs your help to identify materials that no longer fit within the current educational and research needs of FHSU Students & Faculty.
Outdated and physically-worn books can stand as physical and intellectual barriers to students trying to access information. Providing students with books that contain outdated and no longer relevant information may also become a detriment to their education.
How do we decide what to keep and what to weed?
Library Staff have identified materials to be weeded from the collection, using carefully selected criteria:

  • Is the material no longer relevant to FHSU curriculum?
  • Does the material show low or no usage over a period of 6 years?
  • Does a later/more current edition of the material exist?
  • Is print material in poor physical condition? (Replacement may be necessary)

We are asking for Faculty/Staff input to identify which materials may hold relevance to current curricular needs and add value to the collection despite meeting the above criteria. Your expertise and unique perspective in your subject-areas are critical to the continuing development of a strong library collection.
The Forsyth Library Collection Management page can be accessed here:
A list of titles within a selected subject area will be posted under the “General Collection” tab for a review period of two (2) weeks. During this time we invite Faculty input regarding which of the posted titles should be retained in the library collection. Library staff will then withdraw any titles that have not been identified for retention or replacement. Once the items have been withdrawn, Faculty of the directly impacted department will be invited to the Library and given the opportunity to browse the withdrawn titles and remove them for departmental and/or personal use.
Please visit the Collection Management page ( for an in-depth discussion of our analysis process and to see the first list of items for review.

The staff at Forsyth Library appreciates your input during this process.

Rachel R. Newbury, M.L.S,

Acquisitions & Cataloging Librarian

Government Documents Print Collection:

Forsyth Library is conducting a review of its print government documents collection.  As part of this process we are creating lists of titles in the government documents collection that have not been checked out recently, have not been used recently in the library, or items that may be available online.  
Please take time to look at the lists as they are posted at ( in Excel format.   You may download the file and then mark the items you wish to have retained at Forsyth Library.  Please return the list of titles to be retained to Nona Barton by the date posted on the FHSUGuide. 
The posts made this semester will work as a pilot so we can determine whether or not the processes we have put in place will be effective.  Therefore, this semester, new posts will go up on April 21, 28, and May 5.  The first lists posted to the website will be items published by the Department of Agriculture and Department of Labor.  Each post will remain posted for two weeks for your review.  You will receive notification in the fall when this process is resumed.
We prefer that each department return only one list to the Library.  However, individual returns will be accepted.
Items not retained at Forsyth Library will be offered to the University of Kansas-- the Regional Federal Depository Library for Kansas.  At their discretion, items may also be offered to other libraries.
Thank you for your assistance with this project.  

Print Periodical Collection:

Forsyth Library is conducting a review of print periodicals. The review will cover periodicals subscribed to through a subscription service.  Other periodicals, purchased directly from the publisher, may be reviewed at a later date.

A spreadsheet will be posted at  It will include title names, and historic pricing so you can assess pricing changes of subscribed titles.  You may download the spreadsheet for your use.  The list is currently sorted in Library of Congress Classification order to give you an idea of the subject matter.  These are not necessarily the same call numbers used by Forsyth Library.  Your department as a whole should approve one list and then forward that list to Nona Barton.  You will have until May 31 to return the completed list.  Enter the name of your department in the cell that says “enter your department name here”.  Place an X in the “department response” column beside the journal title if your department believes that particular title should be retained.  Leave it blank if the title is not used by your department.
The goal of this review is to determine if the titles we subscribe to are the titles you, as a department, believe are the best for your area.  Consider the cost, quality, and format of a title (e.g., print or electronic).  Changing the format of a title we currently subscribe to may not be feasible in the next subscription period.   In some cases it may not be possible at all.  However, we will look into changes that you propose.
We appreciate your assistance in this endeavor.  We want to be sure the Library maintains a relevant collection for your curricular needs.

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