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Forsyth Library News and Events

Also see the university calendar for a full schedule of campus events.

Art Exhibition April 28, 2017

4/24/17 - Join us for the reception exhibition of FHSU Art student Judith Belford April 28, 2017.
Judith is presenting her work to FHSU faculty/staff and students, as well as Hays community members and visiting community members as part of a professional development requirement within a class for her Bachelor of Arts, concentration in Art Education studies. Forsyth is hosting the exhibit for Judith who has been a student employee in the Forsyth Digital Collections department since August 2012.  
 Judith Belford Art Exhibition

Times Talk Program Schedule, Spring 2017

American Democracy Project/Forsyth Library/The New York Times
*FREE pizza or salad provided to the first 20 attendees* (subject to change)

 1/23/17 -
January 24 (Tuesday)  •    Noon - 1pm   • Forsyth Library, South Study Area

Implications of a Trump Administration: Global, National, and Local
Dr. Lawernce Gould and Dr. Joseph Romance break down the implications of the incoming Presidential Administration. Free Pizza and Salad will be provided for the first 25 students.

February 28 (Tuesday)  •  Noon - 1:00 P.M. • South Study Area • Forsyth Library
What Students Should Know About Copyright with Claire Nickerson
Have you ever wondered how to tell if something is copyrighted, or if you can use a piece of a copyrighted work for class? What about your own copyrights—did you know that you automatically own the copyright to any writing or creative work you do? Come to this Times Talk to learn what you need to know about copyright law as a student at FHSU

March 2 (Tuesday) • Noon - 1pm | • Forsyth Library, South Study Area
Whither the Electoral College? Challenges & Choices
with Dr. Lawrence Gould

March 8 (Wednesday)  •    12:30 - 1:30pm   • Forsyth Library, South Study Area
Join us as Hollie Marquess and Sharon Wilson discuss the history of working women during the turn of the century, and celebrate Women’s History Month! Free Pizza and Salad will be provided for the first 25 students.

April 11 (Tuesday)  •    12:00 - 1:00pm   • Forsyth Library, South Study Area
Join us in a discussion over "The Reality of Virtual Reality: Learning, Gaming, and Living with New Media." Presented by Dr. Gordon Carlson, Department of Communication Studies.

April 18 (Tuesday)  •    12:00 - 1:00pm   • Forsyth Library, South Study Area
“Making The Connection” between the messages from Coach Herman Boone and Holocaust survivor, Gene Klein. Presented by the National Campus Leaders Summit.

CBS Sunday Morning Feature

1/10/17 - CBS Sunday Morning is featuring Kansas paleontologist Barnum Brown this weekend. FHSU's Forsyth Library & Archives provided photos!
VIew the segment


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