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Non-Faculty Information

Who may borrow materials

  • FHSU students with student ID (I.D. obtained at student affairs -- Sheridan 208).
  • Current faculty, retired faculty and staff of FHSU.
  • Members of FHSU Alumni Association and President's Club with library card (see below).
  • Non-university patrons with library card (see below)
  • Genealogy members.
  • Non-university library cards (needed by non-university patrons, members of FHSU Alumni Association and President's Club and genealogy members) may be purchased for $25.00 Dollars at the One Stop Shop. The patron must show a social security card and a drivers license or Kansas card. There is no charge for members of the FHSU Alumni Association or President's Club.

What may be borrowed

  • General Collection material Thesis (some)
  • Curriculum Documents (some)
  • Music Scores (some)
  • Videos/DVDs

What may not be borrowed

  • Reference material ("R", "A")
  • Restricted Documents
  • Western Collection
  • Periodicals
  • Ethnic Reading Room Collection
  • Micro card
  • Microfiche
  • Microfilm

Special Collections Checkout

  • Patrons may obtain special permission to checkout non-circulating items such as non-display journals, Government Documents, Reference Materials, Western Reference, etc. 
  • A Special Permission Checkout form for Non-Circulating materials must be completed and signed by a department librarian. All Special Permission materials must be checked out and returned to the Research Help Desk.

How many general collections items may be borrowed (checked out to a given individual)

  • Faculty/Adjunct - 100
  • Graduate/Masters Students/FHSU Staff - 50
  • Undergraduate FHSU Students - 35
  • Community - 20
  • High School/Grade School Students - 20

Loan Period

General Collection
  • Faculty/Adjunct Faculty - Semester
  • Graduate/Masters Student/FHSU Staff - 56 Days
  • Undergraduate Student/Community - 21 days
  • High School Student/Grade School Student - 21 days
  • Teacher - 21 days

Reserve Items

  • Varies with item. Please see Reserve Policy - Loan Period below.
  • Items placed on "Hold" are subject to Recall after two weeks. Items placed on Rush Recall (needed by Faculty for a class) are subject to Recall after three days.

Renewing Materials

Material may be renewed in several ways:

  • Via phone

  • In person

    • Information may be taken from the due date slips or overdue notice. Patron must have an I.D. card with them.
    • Patron may bring in materials and I.D. card.

Reserve Policy

  • A validated student I.D. card or Community card is required to check-out material from Reserve.
  • Patrons cannot use another patron's I.D. card without that patron being present. Material checked-out on a patron's I.D. card is the responsibility of the card holder.
Loan Periods
  • Loan periods are 30 minutes, one hour, two hour, four hour, one day, three day, one week and two week; all depending on the item desired.
  • Material(s) labeled "Library Use Only", "No Overnight Check-Out", "RM", etc... Do not leave the library.
  • Videos may leave the library only if written permission has been given by the instructor.
  • Only material(s) with one day and longer loan codes may be taken out of the library.
  • All journals and newspapers on reserve have a one hour check-out period and Do not leave the library.
  • Items may be renewed if not previously requested by another patron.
  • Items may be renewed by phone if not requested by another patron.
  • Fines cease to increase once an item is renewed.
  • The patron is responsible for any fines accumulated prior to the renewal of an item.
  • Technology equipment loans may only be renewed in person.

Because loan periods vary, patrons are responsible to know when their material is due.

  • Overdue statements will be mailed on the first day the material is due.
  • If a patron does not respond to the overdue statement, then the patron will receive a non-returned notice

Fines Fines are accumulated for reserve material(s) at the following rates:


  • Overdues- Hourly checkout items $5.00 per hour (Max. $100.00)
  • Daily / Weekly items $25.00 per day (Max. $100.00)


  • All materials on reserve or checked-out by "Special Permission" must be returned to the One Stop Shop desk.
  • Patrons are responsible for material(s) not returned to the One Stop Shop desk. Failure to do so may result in a fine or the material(s) being charged as lost (with accompanying fines and charges).

Charges for Lost or Damaged Materials

  • Patrons are responsible for materials until they have been properly returned. Lost item fees will be charged for material(s) that have not been returned. Damage fees will be charged for items which are damaged while checked-out, based on replacement costs.
  • Faculty copy - Damage or lost fees will be determined by the faculty member.
  • Library copy - Charges for lost material include a replacement fee of $55, a service fee of Fifteen ($15.00) Dollars, and the overdue fine. The replacement fee and the service fee will be forgiven if the material(s) is/are returned.
  • Damage fees are determined by the Acquisitions Department and may be subject to processing fees.
  • A "Hold" will be placed on your transcript/enrollment, and library privileges will be suspended until all fines are paid and over dues returned.

Non-circulation materials

  • Included are Reference materials, Western Collection materials, Periodicals.
  • Items may be checked out w/ special permission from a Research librarian.
  • Check-out times will vary depending on the material.
  • Special Permission Materials must be checked out at and returned to the One Stop Shop desk.
  • Patrons may request a print-out of everything they have charged out. The print-out includes the due date(s).

Overdue Fines

  • Fines are Twenty-five ($0.25) Cents per day per book and may be paid at the One Stop Shop desk.

Overdue Notices

  • First notice sent - One day after the due date (reminder - still in grace period).
  • Second notice sent - Eight days after the due date (item now has $2.00 fine).
  • Final notice - Fifteen days after due date.
  • Non-returned item - Fifty days after the due date, materials not returned are considered lost and the patron is responsible for the overdue fine plus a Fifty-Five ($55.00) Dollar lost item charge.
  • The patron is responsible for keeping track of the due date of materials checked out to them and for returning or renewing them before the date(s) due.
  • A patron who receives an overdue notice(s) for material(s) which they have returned or renewed should notify the library One Stop Shop office (785-628-4434; within five days of receiving the notice(s).

Fine Statements

  • Fine statements are mailed on day after the late materials have been returned.
  • Fine payments or questions should be directed to the One Stop Shop office (785-628-4434; during regular working hours - Monday through Friday.

Unpaid Fines

  • Reports are made to the Registrar's Office for unpaid fines and charges for material(s) considered lost. This results in "Holds" being placed on student records, which blocks enrollment and transcript requests.
  • An unpaid fine also suspends all patron borrowing privileges (including renewals). Privileges will be restored once fines are paid.

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