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Directory of Open Access Journals - This service covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals. There are currently 5270 journals in the directory; 2194 titles are searchable at the article level.

 The following alphabetical list is a cross-section of journals Forsyth Library subscribes to in electronic format. If you don't see the title of the journal you are looking for here, go to the Forsyth Library Catalog and select the A-Z option in the upper right margin.

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ACS Journals Search (American Chemical Society)
Accounts of Chemical Research
Affilia (Sage) v.14 (1999) -
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN)
American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

American Journal of Speech Language Pathology   2001 - 

American Literary Scholarship

American Speech
Analytical Chemistry
Annual Review of Biochemistry
Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution  and Systematics
Annual Review of Entomology
Annual Review of Genetics
Annual Review of Microbiology
Annual Review of Physical Chemistry
Annual Review of Physiology

Annual Review of Phytopathology
Annual Review of Plant Biology

  Annual Review of Psychology 

   Australian Journal of Botany


Behavior Modification v. 23 (1999) -
Behavior Research and Therapy  (Most recent 12 months)
Behavior Research Methods v.1(2001) -

Bioconjugate Chemistry
BioMed Central (Open Access Journals-registration required)
Biotechnology Progress
Business Week Online

Charleston Advisor
Chemical Research in Toxicology
Chemical Reviews
Chemistry of Materials

  Chronicle of Higher Education
Classical and Quantum Gravity (Current and previous year)
Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience v. 1 (2001) -
Comparative Political Studies (Sage) v. 32 (1999) -
Complementary Health Practice Review (Sage)
Computing in Science & Engineering
Contemporary Physics Jan.1997-
Counseling Psychologist (*Sage) v. 27 (1999) -
Crystal Growth and Design
Current Sociology (*Sage) v. 47 (1999) -


Dermatology (Open Access)
Doane's Agricultural Report (1 user-Username/Password at Reference Desk)
Ecological Applications (Jan. 1991 - current)
Ecological Monographs (Jan. 1931 - current)
Ecology (Jan. 1920 - current)
Educational Administration Quarterly (Sage) v. 35 (1999) -
Educational and Psychological Measurement (*Sage) v. 59 (1999) -
Educational Research v.39 (1997)- 
Energy and Fuels
English Studies no.1 (Feb. 2000) - no. 6 (Dec. 2005)
Environmental Science and Technology
Essays in Criticism v. 50 (2000) - v. 54 (2004) 
European Journal of Physics
Evolution and Human Behavior


Higher Education and National Affairs
Human Relations (*Sage)
IOP Science
Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research
Information Systems Control(ISACA) (12 month embargo)
Inorganic Chemistry
International Journal of Information and Computer Security (limited to 1 user at a time)
International Nursing Review (Current and previous year)
International Organization v. 51 (1997) -
International Review of Administrative Sciences (*Sage) v. 65 (1999) -
Institute of Physics Journal Archive
Inverse Problems


Journal of Aging and Health (*Sage) v.11 (1999) -
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Journal of Animal Science
Journal of Applied Behavioral Science (*Sage) v. 35 (1999) - 
Journal of Biocommunication

 Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data

Journal of Chemical Education
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling  

 Journal of Chromatographic Science (Current and previous year) 
 Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry
 Journal of Communication Disorders
 Journal of Conflict Resolution (*Sage) v. 43 (1999) -
 Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics
 Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (*Sage) v.17 (2001)
 Journal of Ecology (Current and previous year)
 Journal of English Linguistics v. (*Sage) 27 (1999) -
 Journal of Experimental Botany v.48, no.310 ( 1997) - v.55, no.408 (2004)
 Journal of Family Nursing (*Sage) v. 5 (1999) -
 Journal of Fire Protection Engineering v. (*Sage) 11:no.4 (2001) -
 Journal of Fluency Disorders v.20 (1995) -
 Journal of Forestry v.1, no.1(1902) -
 Journal of Holistic Nursing (*Sage) v. 17 (1999) -
 Journal of Management Education (*Sage) v. 23 (1999) -
 Journal of Marketing Education (*Sage) v. 21 (1999) -
 Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
 Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering (Current and previous year)
 Journal of Natural Products
 Journal of Optics (Current and previous year)
 Journal of Organic Chemistry
 Journal of Physical Chemistry A

  Journal of Physical Chemistry B
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics
Journal of Proteome Research
Journal of Sedimentary Research 2000-
Journal of Social Work Practice v.11 (1997) -
Journal of Teacher Education (*Sage) v. 51:no.3 (2000) -
Journal of the American Chemical Society

 Journal of Transcultural Nursing (*Sage) v. 10 (1999) -
Journal of Undergraduate Research in Physics


Labor History v.1 (1960) -

 Law & Contemporary Problems

Learning and Behavior2001 - (current year embargoed)
Limnology and Oceanography: Methods Journal (2003-2007)

Making of America (Open Access - A digital collection of primary sources)
Measurement Science and Technology
Memory & Cognition v.29 (2001)-
Mind v.105, no.419 (1996) - v.113, no.452 (Oct. 2004)
Middle Eastern Studies v.37 (2001) -
Modeling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering
Music and Letters v. 83 (2002) - v.85 (2004)


Nano Letters
Nursing Science Quarterly (*Sage) v. 12 (1999) -


Orbis (Most recent volume)
Organic Letters
Organic Process Research and Development
PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art v. 18(PAJ 93) (1996) -
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology (Most recent 12 months)
Physical Review A

 Physical Review D

 Physical Review Letters

  Physics Education
Physics in Medicine and Biology
Physiological Measurement
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion
Plasma Science and Technology
Political Science Quarterly v. 113 (1998) -
PROLA: American Physical Society's Physical Review Online Archive
PLOS Biology (Open Access)
Project Muse
Psychonomic Bulletin & Review v. 8 (2001) -
PubMed Central


Rangeland Journal
Reports on Progress in Physics
Reviews of Modern Physics
Semiconductor Science and Technology (Current and previous year)
Smart Materials and Structures (Current and previous year)
Smith College Studies in Social Work v.77 (1997) -
Social Work v.45 (2000) -
Social Work With Groups v. 19:v.3-4 (1997) -
Sociology (Electronic Journal of Sociology)

 Sociology of Education Abstracts

Soil Science

Superconductor Science and Technology 
Systematic Biology v. 45 (1996) -
Systematic Botany v. 29 (2004) -
TDR/The Drama Review v.42 (1998) - via ProjectMuse
Taxon v.51 (2002) -
Tiempos (Spanish language)

Wall Street Journal
Western Journal of Nursing Research (Sage) v.21 (1999) - 


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