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Sage Journals

Sage publications requests that the following notice be posted for those who are accessing their publications at or through Forsyth Library.


The entire contents of SAGE Journals Online Material (including individual articles and other material appearing in the journals) are protected by copyright.

Licensed Rights

Electronic access to SAGE Journals Online Material is further governed by the terms of licenses which regulate such access. The following notes provide information on some key elements of these licenses.

You qualify as an Authorized User of the SAGE Journals Online Material to which your institution has a paid electronic subscription if you are a current member of the academic, library, research or equivalent staff of the institution at the Site for which a license has been purchased or a student actively and currently undertaking a course at the Site. If you are a physical visitor to the Library using a public access terminal, you may also be allowed to use the SAGE Journals Online Material.

You may (i) access; (ii) search; (iii) download or (iv) view the SAGE Journals Online Material and make single printed or electronic copies of individual articles for personal use only. You may distribute single copies of individual articles in print or electronic form to other Authorized Users within your institution for their personal use. Authorized Users may use the SAGE Journals Online Material by remote access to a secure server if the site offers this facility.

You may not (i) sell; (ii) loan; (iii) lease; (iv) transfer; (v) modify or (vi) reproduce or otherwise use the SAGE Journals Online Material or any part of it except as is permitted in clause 2 above.

Staff of the Institution may use part or parts of the SAGE Journals Material Online in non-commercial coursepacks or other collections for teaching purposes within the Licensed Institution only.

You may not make any part of the journal available for access to others outside the institution within which you are an Authorized User.


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