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Homesteading in Sherman County


P. S. Eustis and O. R. Phillips organized the Lincoln Land Company which laid out a town in the spring of 1885. Mr. Eustis was an agent of the Burlington & Missouri River Railroad, and the new town was named after him. A post office was established in July 1886.

When Sherman County was organized on September 20, 1886, Eustis was named the temporary county seat. On November 8, 1886, the voters of Sherman County had an election to decide which town would be the temporary county seat with the choice between Sherman Center and Eustis. Eustis won and began constructing a courthouse. Another election was held in the spring of 1887 and Eustis won again.

A county committee met in Eustis on August 23, 1887 for the purpose of setting up an election for a permanent county seat. Voltaire, Sherman Center, and an individual named B. Taylor, who owned land near the center of the county, presented their proposals in front of the committee. Eustis did not so so because the citizens said that when the courthouse was finished, it would be turned over to the county unofficially. But in the next meeting, a new town company from the Goodland town site presented their proposal, and it met with the approval of the town committee. An election was held in the fall of 1887 and the citizens could vote for Goodland, Eustis, Voltaire or B. Taylor. Goodland became the permanent county seat, but the citizens of Eustis were not about to give up their temporary county seat. They had the county records and the court still recognized the town as the county seat. Eventually the officials in Goodland hired a group of armed cowboys who captured a county commissioner and forced him to let them remove the record books, all without a shot being fired.

In a short few weeks after this confrontation, the citizens of Eustis moved the town to Goodland, and Eustis ceased in later years.

The ethnicity of its settlers is not known.


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