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Homesteading in Sherman County


Considered to be the first town in Sherman County, Gandy was founded in June 1885. It was named for Dr. J. L. Gandy of Humboldt, Nebraska. He was a land dealer in Nebraska, but his methods of acquiring land were questionable, and he was not very popular as he started buying land in Sherman County. The town of Gandy did not survive, and this may have been a contributing factor.

The Gandy Post Office was established on September 4, 1885. Gandy was also the home of the first newspaper in Sherman County, "The New Tecumseh", which began publishing on November 11, 1885. The first school in Sherman County was also in Gandy. But by early 1886, the town was beginning to decline. The newspaper was moved to Leonard (Itasca) in March, and in the fall the postmaster received permission to change the site of the Gandy Post Office to a new location which happened to be the new town of Sherman Center. The post office remained named Gandy and was the only post office Sherman Center ever had. The town of Gandy ceased to exist.

The ethnicity of its settlers is not known.


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